Lasers Over The New Haven Green

It’s New Haven’s 375th. I know, it doesn’t look a day over 280.

The fireworks for the 350th anniversary were very cool. For 375 it’s a laser show. There was no way I wasn’t go to shoot this.

Foolishly I thought I could just drive to Quinnipiac’s York Hill campus, with its commanding view of New Haven, and watch from there. Nope. The lasers aren’t pointed up, they’re pointed south. QU had a blocked view.

Plan B! I headed downtown, carrying my camera, camera bag with lenses and a tripod to the middle of the Green.

The lasers are definitely there. They’re tough to miss.

What they’re not is awe inspiring, like the finale of that fireworks show 25 years ago.

Here are a few of my better shots. They’ve all been shrunk to fit in this column. Click for a larger view.