Let It Snow – Please

I am in that uncomfortable holding pattern between snow prediction and snow production. I forecast a lot of snow for tonight, but I don’t see a lot of snow coming down right now. The radar is getting more wound up from the south, so I’m still hopeful.

The fact that I’m rooting for snow probably says more than anything about the weird place this job can sometimes put you. Would I rather it blew over? Sure… except I need to answer for what I said. So, let it snow – please.

Let It Snow – Please?

I finally decided 6-12″ for Shoreline and Western Connecticut and 5-10″ for the rest of the state. The snow has started, and I’m watching the traffic cameras in Lower Fairfield County as if this were some sort of riveting drama – which it is to me.

Downstream, there has been some heavy snow. But, I am also looking at the western, trailing, edge of the system. It is moving too fast. At this rate it won’t last all night.

I hate snow on so many levels.

As the new 0z eta starts dribbling in, it is backing off precipitation. Now, only around 25″ liquid equivalent. Two days ago it was over an inch. That’s a huge drop off.

On the other hand, it doesn’t look like the initial conditions that were fed into the model were totally accurate. Maybe the model is poisoned from the outset!

I hate snow even more.

With 35 minutes to go until the news on WCTX, I am going to stick with the earlier forecast, in spite of the new guidance. But, I will express my concern that I’ve over predicted.

What a mess. And, what a mess I am.