Lung Cancer Cure at Yale?

If true, this is one of the biggest news stories of my lifetime! Imagine, a major form of cancer being cured… and right where they diagnosed Steffie’s fractured finger last week, and where she was born, and where my mother’s cancer was cured, and where they botched an operation and cost my dad an eye.

This headline is so amazing that I just stared at it somehow imaging I was misreading, or it would go away, or this was some sort of ratings stunt (newspapers can be just as sleazy as TV stations when it comes to circulation/ratings).

Yale is an elite research institution and if a discovery was going to come from somewhere, you could certainly assume that Yale would be high on the list. And, over the past few months I had heard rumors of pending blockbuster discoveries.

If true, this discovery will change the world. Seriously.

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