What Mark And Melissa Should Keep In Mind


Later today Mark and Melissa get married. Very exciting. They are the focus of this weekend and our trip from Connecticut.

Mark-and-Melissa-with-her-grandparentsOf course, like any good story there are also subplots. My parents (Melissa’s grandparents) are here from Florida. That’s a big deal. They consider a trip to the condo clubhouse a schlep, so imagine flying to Wisconsin!

My folks are in their mid-80s. It would make no sense to deny age has taken a physical toll, but they are still mentally fit and they were sharp last night at the rehearsal dinner held at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center.

Schlitz! Yeah, it’s Milwaukee.

Mark-and-MelissaA steady stream of well wishers came to their table as they held court. There were kisses and hugs and lots of laughter. My folks can schmooze with the best of them.

As Mark and Melissa get married tonight, they should keep my folks in mind. Harold and Betty have been each other’s love and support for over 60 years. That kind of love never has to fade. My parents are living proof.

Off To Milwaukee

melissa and mark

The jury is still out whether winter is finished in Connecticut. There’s little doubt in Milwaukee. It’s not! Snow’s on tap for Monday.

We head to Milwaukee in the morning. My sister’s younger daughter, Melissa, is getting married. That’s her (above and below left) in photos taken in August.

Milwaukee’s nice in August.

melissa and mark with matt on the sideWe’ve met her fiancee, Mark, and approve. Do they really need our approval?

There are lots of reasons we’re looking forward to the trip. Obviously we’re happy for Melissa and Mark. We’re excited we’ll be seeing Stef, who’s flying in from SoCal.

My folks will be there too!

That last sentence is no small deal. My mom has been through some awful times over the last year plus. Based on phone conversations she’s peppy and with it. Her being in shape to go to this wedding is just shy of miraculous.

The plane ride from Florida to Wisconsin will be stressful. They’ve done this trip before, always making connections in Atlanta. This time my sister and I strongly suggested flying non-stop. It’s more expensive. It’s worth it.

This evening we dropped Doppler off at the ‘spa’. We’ve been told two of her friends from earlier visits will also be there. I expect Doppler to tell all when we return!

It’s a shame she can’t come too. Doppler would probably enjoy the wedding… as would Mark and Melissa’s dog, Toby.