More Beryl

My partner-in-crime at the TV station, who is pronouncing Beryl differently than I am, sent me this today:


The National Hurricane Center sent out a pronunciation for Beryl…said it was like Milton Berle. Arlene’s middle name is Beryl, and she and her family always pronounced her name likewise. So, who am I to argue?

Dr. Mel

In this case, Arlene is Dr. Mel’s wife. Doesn’t this make her a Beryl expert? So, I was going to go back to Beryl said as “burl,” when I got this.

Hello Geoff,

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy watching your weather reports! I was interested to hear the discussions about how to pronounce ‘Beryl’ because I too have a friend and you pronounced it correctly! I am from England and have lived in CT for three years. I find many words pronounced differently here but expected everyone to be able to say Beryl correctly! BERril!!

And then this.

To add fuel to the fire, how do we pronounce the great actress Meryl Streep’s name?

The official hurricane list of names doesn’t repeat for another seven years. Even that’s too soon!