My Annette Benning Moment

“Hello,” I answered.

“Geoff? Dick Blumenthal.”

I stood up.

I was on the sofa early Friday afternoon when my cellphone started to vibrate. You do this, right? You look at who’s calling before answering? It was an 860 number, but it wasn’t one I recognized nor in my cell’s address book.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Geoff? Dick Blumenthal.”

I stood up. I don’t know why. Sitting seemed inappropriate.

I thanked him for calling then said, “Senator, you know you have bigger fish to fry?”

I have always found him a standup guy and the most ‘retail’ politician I have have seen. He’s everywhere at every event. He is tireless.

We talked for a few moments and without going into specifics it was a nice conversation from a concerned and supportive man.

I asked if I could still call him Dick? I feel like a doof now for doing that. He did say yes.

I told him I always thought he was a mensch. This call proved it. I heard the smile in his voice as he responded.

We hung up and that’s when I had my Annette Benning moment. There’s a scene in “An American President” where the President (Michael Douglas) calls Sydney Wade (Benning). After the call she wonders how he got the number and then remembers, oh yeah… he’s the president.

I was thinking the same thing. How’d he get my number?

I am honored he called.

Cellphone Danger

In a scene directly out of Michael Douglas in “Disclosure,” I got this email last night:


I take it that your Blackberry had an unlocked keypad tonight. sounds like you are celebrating somewhere and accidentally called me. Hope all is well. Call me if ya need anything.



Great Movie: A Chorus Line

Tonight, while playing poker and writing in the blog, I have been watching “A Chorus Line” on Bravo. This is a show I’ve seen live on stage. I loved it there, and I love the movie just as much (though Michael Douglas is overacting a little).

Usually it’s a pain to sit through a movie chock full of commercials. For whatever reason it didn’t bother me this time.

Actually, watching this movie with interruptions has made me crave seeing it uncut. This will be a rental, or maybe even a DVD purchase, very soon.