A Fairytale Ending For Annie The Missing Dog

annieIf you’re with me on Facebook you probably know about Annie. Annie is the pet of our former neighbors, Glenn and Margie. An open door while a worker was in the house let her escape unnoticed.

Like most pups, Annie is a member of the family. Her loss was a shock. Glenn and Margie were beside themselves wondering how to find her and get her back.

They started getting the word out as soon as Annie was gone. My post, multiplied by all of you who shared it, was one method. They also had flyers printed and posted around town.

For the first two days, nothing. Then sporadic sightings, all in Hamden and within a few miles of their home.

As soon as a sighting came in they’d rush out to look and to slip flyers in mailboxes. Margie said it began to feel like they were “chasing a ghost.”

Over 700 flyers were distributed. They didn’t give up, but over time the trail started to grow cold. No calls Friday or Saturday.

Then, Sunday another sighting. Another scramble. Another dead end.

They drove home.

annie-2That’s where they were around 8:30 when Glenn looked at their back door and saw Annie, her tail wagging! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

How did she find her way back? Annie’s not saying.

It’s obvious she’d been through a lot. Her paw pads are worn, one cut. There’s a rash on her belly. She was caked in dirt and four pounds lighter than when she left. So far they’ve removed at least a dozen ticks.

The vet has looked her over today and prescribed some antibiotics. Annie will be fine.

After nine days if you’d asked me the chances of Annie being found, I’d have said slim… maybe none. The ratio of missing to found dogs can’t be good. And yet she’s happily home.

It doesn’t happen often enough. We don’t get enough fairytale endings. We’ve got one here!