Commercials On The Computer

The fact the commercials feature a countdown clock is tacit acknowledgment this isn’t the optimum way.

While we were away Helaine recorded Modern Family. As it turned out one episode aired while there was breaking news. The ‘dumb’ DVR recorded at the appointed time and shut down before the show was over. Ugh!

“I can find it on the Internet,” Helaine said. And she did.

The Internet stream features commercials. I understand that. You’ve got to pay for the show somehow. There are actually fewer commercials on the Internet version than the air version. They’re just more invasive!

I’m not sure why, but there’s a difference between interrupting a broadcast where the TV is halfway across the room and interrupting the more personal webcast where the commercials are in your lap and where you feel trapped by them! Whatever it is 30, 60 or 70 seconds on the laptop was a lot worse than 2:30 on the TV.

The commercials are flanked by a countdown clock. Isn’t that tacit acknowledgment they know we’re upset?

On top of that any time I tried to move the timeline (we were after all trying to pick up a show we started watching on the DVR) it triggered more commercials!

I enjoyed the show. I hated the experience.