Kevin’s Daughter Gets Married

Tonight was a bittersweet night. Mallory Webster, my friend Kevin’s daughter was married&#185. I wish Kevin were still here to enjoy the moment.

When Kevin died, the obvious question was asked and the obvious answer given – Kevin would have wanted the wedding to go on. Have you ever heard otherwise?

The actual wedding was held yesterday at the Mormon Temple in Boston. Tonight was the reception – a day to share the marriage with friends and family and a second day for Mallory to wear her wedding dress.

The reception itself was quite nice. We ate well while the disk jockey played from the 18,000 songs he brought on his laptop! When was the last time he said, “no,” to someone asking, “Do you have…?”

I have never been to a wedding reception, or pretty much anything short of a daycare facility, with more children! The place was crawling with kids, often unsupervised and well behaved.

All these children were actually a plus for me. Kids make great photographic subjects. The really young ones are oblivious to the camera. The slightly older ones are thrilled to pose or mug. It’s tough to take a bad kids shot.

I know Kevin would have had a good time. Daughter number three was getting married. Daughter number four had just graduated from high school. Daughter number one has a baby in her belly, almost ready to come out.

As a guy who greatly valued fatherhood and family, it would have been nice to sit back and bathe in this obvious success.

From time-to-time I still come across things I know Kevin would find interesting and, without facing reality, I think about giving him a call. It happens more often than I’d like to admit. I guess that speaks to how strong his presence still is.

He really would have insisted the wedding go on. That’s no B.S.

&#185 – Yeah, I know, there’s a husband too. Wendell, please forgive me for giving you short shrift. Marriage may be a partnership, but truth is, the wedding and wedding reception are historically all about the bride. For tonight, go with the flow.