Re-Mulching At The Foxes




When our patio went in late last summer, so did our garden(ette). Workers carted in topsoil, weed block and mulch.

The answer to “How does your garden grow?” is “pretty good.” Plants have bloomed. Weeds have been blocked. Mulch has faded.

If you think mulch pales quickly in northern climes, just imagine here in SoCal where the Sun is higher in the sky and makes a whole lot more appearances.

Stef offered to help me re-mulch. I said, yes.

If you’ve ever spread mulch you know what looks like a lot in a bag is a little on the ground! We bought ten bags, then drove back for thirteen more.

This was actually Stef’s project 100%. She researched the problem and decided rubberized mulch was the answer for us. Seemingly made from shredded tires, it’s less likely to fade. Beyond that, it provides no nourishment for insects.

We went to Home Depot together, but I did none of the work. Stef loaded the bags in Helaine’s SUV, then unloaded them at the house. She carefully spread each piece of mulch for maximum effect.

What was faded gray is now a bold brown. It might not be organic, but it sure looks like mulch… and hopefully acts like it.

I didn’t lift a finger. My only physical effort was swiping our credit card. Thank you child.

Here’s a before shot for comparison.