I Am Livid

I am livid. I am incensed. I could not be more upset by today’s defeat of the already compromised gun bill background check amendment.

First things first. The right to bear arms is not absolute. You can’t buy a tank or mortar or go to the napalm store and stock up. Second Amendment rights are oversold.

I was for background checks before I read this morning’s NY Times. Then I found out about armslist.com.

Yes, there’s an online marketplace for guns. I’m not sure why I was surprised, but I was. There are no background checks nor do you have to register your purchase.

The Times quickly found a felon posting ads to buy. Is this really what we want?

Surveys show the vast majority of Americans want background checks. That majority holds for Republicans, Democrats, gun owners, even NRA members!

A majority of Senators voted in favor of checks today. That’s no longer enough. Majority rule has disappeared.

The NRA wields great power because they aggressively campaign against anyone they see as their enemy. Their money has been effective, and elected officials know it.

The only way to beat the NRA is to prove there’s a downside to today’s vote. Michael Bloomberg and friends will attempt to make that point in November 2014.

I have friends who are sportsmen and hunters. I have no desire to take away their guns.

I want purchases registered. I want trafficking stopped. I want majority rule returned to Congress. I want the NRA cut down to size.

Like I said, I’m livid.