This Storm Is A Big Deal

sgx qpf map

I’m watching a PowerPoint presentation from the NWS San Diego office on the upcoming storm. One of their meteorologists, Brandt Maxwell, has just gone through an impact table and is beginning rainfall projections.

“You don’t see rainfall maps like this too often in Southern California.”

This storm is a big deal.

Those who report the news have dialed it up. It’s the biggest storm in years.

SoCal is a fragile flower as far as weather is concerned. We can’t take a lot. We’re not equipped.

We have roads that flood, hills that slide and boulders that tumble. Drainage, especially in older areas, is iffy. A house sized piece of mountain relocating itself to the middle of a highway isn’t uncommon here.

Traffic will slow to a crawl. Actually, it’s already done that. Traffic will just stop.

We live in amazing times. Everything needed to monitor and forecast the weather is at my desktop. I will do both for the next few days.