There Are Too Many Places To Receive Messages

Can’t we go back to messaging by email or at least messaging in one place?

In the beginning when there was online communications but little Internet connection each online computer service had its own email within its own little community. If you were on The Source and I was a CompuServe member (71310,71) we couldn’t email each other!

I know. That sounds ridiculous today. Over time the web was born, everyone got interconnected and things were better.

Most people who’ve been on the ‘net any length of time have more than one email address. I’m not quite sure why this is nearly universal–but it is. We all have our favorite or most used address. There are always others.

Through GMail I have been able to consolidate all my email accounts so they’re received in one place. Write me at or my work email or any number of URLs I own and I’ll see your message via Gmail.

This was a very good system and I was very happy. But now it’s all changing. Once again we’re heading to numerous discreet messaging systems that don’t see each other.

Every day I have to check for messages on Facebook and replies on Twitter. I also get text messages and BlackBerry Messenger messages on my phone. I even use AOL IM a little. None of these interface (or do so easily) with plain old email.

Too many places to check, It’s just not productive. Wasn’t the goal to connect?