Good Poker Story

I have just finished playing a $10+$1 “Sit ‘n Go” poker tournament on pokerstars. Nothing unusual. I played very tight and held on until there were just two of us left.

The other player had significantly more chips than I did, but I was whittling him down.

Then, in the chat window, he asked if I wanted to make a contribution to pokerstars tsunami relief fund? I had gotten emails that they were matching all online donations dollar-for-dollar. How could I turn down the offer?

It wasn’t a lot. We each took $20 to cover our trouble and entry fee and donated $32 to the cause. Then we played, halfheartedly to the end.

I sent an email to support and about a minute later a host, Andrew, appeared on our screen. He took care of the details.

Here’s the email I just received.

Hello Geoff,

The deal was:

ctwxman: $20

dishmasters: $20

ReliefEffort: $32

Therefore I transferred $25 from dishmasters and $7 from ctwxman to

ReliefEffort. Well done on your result, and a good idea. I’ll see you at

the next payout!

Best regards,


PokerStars Support Team

Like I said, it was a little thing. But it was a good thing.