AT&T Calls Back

GALAXY S II Lifestyle Image_0AT&T’s John Flynn said he’d call back and he did. Score one for him and them.

This is about my Galaxy S2 which dies on its own a few times a day. It gets rebooted with much less power in the battery than when it went down.

He’d spoken to the product manager for the S2. The fix is in the final stages of testing. Would I give him ten more days? He expected he wouldn’t need that many.

He said this problem is limited in its impact. I don’t think they know (or want to admit) how widespread it is.

My suspicion is AT&T wouldn’t have handled this problem as they did had they known corporately what had happened. The chain of command isn’t set up to handle self inflicted wounds like this.

They’ve sent replacement phones to some people and spent lots of time fielding calls and complaints. The response has been uncoordinated. At AT&T’s size you coordinate to save money. It would have been cheaper to get it fixed quickly.

I’d just as soon not switch to a new phone. A fix is my ultimate goal. I said, “Yes.”

I know I’ve beaten this topic silly, but there’s at least one more post coming. Good news, hopefully.

My AT&T Galaxy S2 Saga Continues

Samsung Galaxy S2 with cordBack on March 7th I wrote about my Samsung Galaxy S2 and its ‘sleeping’ problem which began when AT&T pushed a firmware upgrade late last year.

Frustrating? Yes. Maddening too!

The phone shuts down intermittently for no reason and with no warning. When it’s revived the battery’s been heavily depleted.

It shut down again this afternoon. Can you see the smoke coming out of my ears?

I sent an email to the big guy, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson (full text at the end of this entry). I didn’t expect Randy would get involved, but I knew someone would.

It wasn’t an hour before I got a call from AT&T’s John Flynn. Judging by area code, Seattle based John Flynn.

He seemed nice, concerned and totally uninformed about this Samsung problem. There are dozens of phone models on the AT&T network. His lack of knowledge is defensible. After a few minutes I asked him to do a little research and get back to me.

This is not a small problem. The Galaxy S2 is a very popular phone. I am not alone in suffering.

Because many of the afflicted probably think the problem is something they caused, it’s probably underreported to AT&T.

If everything was working correctly my likely path forward would be the newly announced Galaxy S4 from AT&T sometime this summer. Not now. I’ve got a bad taste from this affair. Right now AT&T owes me for my loyalty.

I’m a good customer, wronged. They’re expected to right it.

I’ll let you know what I hear.

My email follows–

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Can’t Be Tech. Swype Must Be Magic!

No matter how sloppy my swiping seems to me the program follows it! How is this possible?

A few days ago I wrote about my continuing impressions with my Samsung Galaxy S2 cellphone. Among my peeves was the virtual keyboard. It sucks. Is that enough to the point? And yet tonight I think I’ve found a solution… and it must be magic.

I’ve started using the Swype keyboard. It’s very different. Instead of tapping out the letters one-by-one you swipe your finger from letter-to-letter never lifting it off the screen.

No matter how sloppy my swiping seems to me the program follows it! How is this possible?

Seriously, I have no idea how this can work and work as well as it does. Originally I didn’t want to try it because I didn’t want to be disappointed. I could not have been more wrong.

I’ve demonstrated swyping to a few people at work. They each leave the conversation slack jawed!

I suspect this is an underutilized app because people just know it can’t possibly work.