How Many Passwords?

I readily admit, I don’t use a different password for every account I have. I do have at least 10 different ‘words’ I use – most on a daily basis.

Adding more passwords becomes problematic, because obscure passwords for accounts that aren’t used on often are easily forgotten. Remember, I lived through sixties!

My run-in with Dell today was particularly annoying.

I want to post on Dell’s community forums because of a software shortcoming with this (mostly wonderful) laptop. I went to register using a password often used on ‘occasional’ sites where money is not involved.

My first choice was rejected, as was my second!

Password: must contain at least one uppercase character. Your password must be 6 or more characters, contain at least one lowercase character, one uppercase character, one digit, and no repeated sequence of 3 or more characters. Your password can’t be a subset of your login name.

AreYouK1dd1ng (that would work)?

At work, one system I use requires me to change my password every month or two. That’s another pain.

Passwords were a good idea when we only had one or two. Now, with large numbers of sites requiring them, it’s time for a better idea.