Anniversary Day

This is not going to be a mushy romantic recap of our 22nd anniversary. It just wasn’t one of those days. That being said, this was a great day.

Have I mentioned how lucky I am to be married to Helaine? It’s true. Even after 22 years. I’ve definitely gotten the better end on this deal. After all, all she got was me!

11-26-05_2013By the time I got up, the flowers I sent were here. That’s it. That was the anniversary gift. Helaine says we don’t give anniversary gifts. I don’t remember being in that decision making process, but I go with the flow.

We do exchange cards. I gave Helaine three, bought yesterday at Stop & Shop. Damn – as I was leaving, she told me why I was going. Is there no surprise left here?

My favorite was a cute card in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish. I sort of know what part of the card says… she’s caliente. I guess I could run the rest through Google’s translator, but why spoil the fun?

11-26-05_2014Steffie has been here for Thanksgiving – her first trip back since starting college. She wanted to go to the mall, and though I enjoy malls as she enjoys museums, I went along.

Helaine and Steffie did what they do, and I did what I do. Bookstore first. Is there anything better for a guy in the mall than perusing the bookstore?

The computer section at Barnes and Noble is a shadow of its former self. I guess computer tinkering isn’t what it once was… or maybe everyone knows everything.

Of course I bought a book: The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby. I had thumbed through it for a half hour before pulling the trigger.

As a photographer, I’m always looking for ways to advance my art (whatever that means). There were all sorts of cool tricks to cover up for my photographic shortcomings.

11-26-05_1631Once I left B&N, I walked the mall – each and every inch… at least twice… maybe three times. You know, if you walk the mall and just people watch, there’s a lot to see.

More interesting than the stores are the middle-of-the-aisle kiosks. Do that many people want to buy a cellular phone plan in the mall? There must have been a few dozen of those. There was also a kiosk devoted to selling Dragonsoft’s Simply Speaking. That seemed out of place.

I did light for a few minutes at FYE and let a kid show me how to play some auto racing game on an old version XBox. That was actually fun, as I evaded the police, driving as I normally drive.

We ended the evening having pizza at Bertucci’s in Milford (or maybe it’s Orange, I never can tell).

There was actually one more thing we needed to do this evening – take Stef back to school.

Because I’m working Sunday evenings, and because of our anticipation of traffic, we decided a late night jaunt to Long Island would work best. We left around 11:00 PM, spent 20 minutes in the dorm, and were back home by 3:00 AM.

For me, those are prime time hours. And, when you drive at this time on a Saturday, there’s little traffic.

So, the anniversary’s over. And, like I said, it wasn’t gushy or overly romantic. Still there’s something reassuringly warm and romantic about our relationship.

Helaine and I spent lots of time together today, and lots of time with our daughter. I enjoyed nearly every second. Quite honestly, I haven’t had enough of either of them yet.

Isn’t that what love is really all about?

Blogger’s note: I have started to use more photos from my Motoroloa RAZR on the blog. As a camera, it sucks. Still, at the tiny size I use here, it works. If you click on any photo expecting to see a work of art, forget it. Full size, these photos are a disappointment.

Oh – and to make sure this entry is reflected on our anniversary, I have changed the posting time. It’s my blog. I make the rules.

Poker obsessed

This is ridiculous. I have become poker obsessed.

I have a few days off and went to try and play on-line. have some free tournaments, with 1,000 entrants. Before I could figure out how to enter, it was full!

I’m willing to put some cash into this, but my credit card company will not approve payments for Internet gambling (they being smarter than I). There’s a method where you tie your checking account… need I go further? That’s not happening.

What I will do is bring some money to Stop & Shop and wire it to Costa Rica via Western Union.

Even as I say this, I realize this is probably a dumb thing to do. However, I will limit my loss to less than what I won this past weekend and see what happens.