The IPad’s Not For Me

On virtually every other computer the software you use is a decision left solely to the user. Not on the iPad.

Tomorrow is iPad Saturday. I did not order one. I will not rush out and buy one. Though the concept of tablet computing seems very appealing, Apple’s modus operandi is stifling and backwards.

First the good news. I’ve grown more used to typing on my iPhone. A virtual keyboard isn’t as much of a problem as it once was (though it is decidedly nowhere near as good as a full tactile keyboard). With that in mind the idea of having a ‘slab’ of computer in my lap seems logical.

And, of course, the iPad is beautiful. Apple has perfected beauty in computing. They have no equal. There aren’t even pretenders!

My problem is I know what a computer can do (as do you). The iPad does not live up to modern expectation.

It cannot multitask. It cannot run any programs but those you download (usually purchase–but not always) from the iTunes Store–only the iTunes store. It has no camera. It is not a cellphone. Its battery isn’t replaceable.

When users clamored for Adobe Flash to be included on the iPhone, Apple said no. Too much battery strain. Too buggy and prone to crashing. Maybe, but that should be my choice. With the iPad “my choice” doesn’t exist unless it’s “their choice” first.

There are many who believe Apple doesn’t want Flash because it will allow downloadable apps to freely compete with those from the iTunes Store. That’s what I believe. That’s sad.

On virtually every other computer the software you use is a decision left solely to you. Not on the iPad. Because owners are dependent on the iTunes Store every installation has to be approved by them before it’s even considered by you! Apps have to be more than good. They have to be good and good for Apple.

Do I want a tablet computer? Yes. It seems a logical step.

I am willing to put up with a lot of these shortcoming on my iPhone because it’s main utility is being a phone. Right or wrong I am used to less choice with phones than with general computing devices.

It won’t be long before Asus or Dell or some other smart computer company releases their own tablet computer. Maybe it won’t be quite as pretty as the iPad, but it will be a lot more versatile. That’s when I’ll be ready to buy.