a Glimpse At The Future – Prom Queen

There are so many sites I see and say, “Yeah, that’s it.” Here’s one! Here’s a site with the potential to undercut television.

Obviously, I’m out of the target demo. You probably are too. Judge it for what it is.

* Episodes are incredibly short (even “TBS” has a better commercial/content ratio)

* Cast is astoundingly inexpensive. No names. No seasoning.

* Look at the crew list. This is done with a tiny fraction of a TV budget

Is anyone watching? I don’t know. The threshold for profitability is low. It doesn’t need the number of viewers a ‘real’ TV show gets.

Earlier this ‘conventional’ TV season, I wrote about big budget shows like Studio 60 and how we wouldn’t be seeing them anymore. This is why.

Like it or hate it. This type of production is the future.

I’m curious if my daughter’s seen this? Has she watched more than once?

Victoria’s Secret

There is a comedian whose name escapes me at the moment. He has a line, “I know Victoria’s secret. She’s a slut.”

Good line.

Today, Victoria’s Secret announced they’re not staging their yearly TV fashion show. It has run on CBS for the past few years, though I seem to vaguely remember it being on ABC at one time.

I am privy to no inside information, still I wonder if this is the real story. After the Super Bowl and Howard Stern, how anxious was CBS to run this? And, if CBS dropped it, how anxious would anyone else be to pick it up?

This story probably does not have legs. It will soon be forgotten. Still, it would have been interesting to have been a fly on the wall… especially if CBS allowed Victoria’s Secret to claim they weren’t cancelled.