Commuters And Traffic — How Do You Do It?

I have worked second shift nearly all of my adult life. I don’t think I’ve ever worked a ‘real’ 9-to-5 job. Today was a good example I’ve made a wise choice. How do you commuters deal with the commute?

I had to be in New Haven this morning at 9:30. That meant traffic on Whitney Avenue in Hamden, traffic as I-91 approached I-95, then more traffic in Downtown New Haven&#185.

I just don’t have the patience for this!

This evening it was John Mongillo’s wake in North Haven. I left Hartford at 5:05 and crawled onto I-84… crawled through the tunnel… crawled on I-91 south.

Is there a secret method for dealing?

I’m driving a 2012 Subaru Legacy at the moment (roomy, comfy, economical, GREAT sound system). It helps a lot, but even it isn’t enough to make riding close enough to see the back tattoos on the driver in front of you palatable!

How do you daily commuters do it? How do my neighbors who work in New York City do it? Do you just grin and bear it? Does it just get easier with time?

Going in at 2:30 and home around midnight has spoiled me.

&#185 – I parked in a lot for a little over two hours. $12! Really? It’s New Haven. I know how to manually open the gate for the parking lot at the old place, but I didn’t dare.

We’re In Boston

The drive wasn’t too bad–just a little traffic. However, people of Boston are you living in an alternate universe?

Good aftahnoon from Bah-ston. Helaine and I have checked in to our hotel and will be leaving soon for Fenway Park.

The drive wasn’t too bad–just a little traffic. However, people of Boston are you living in an alternate universe? I used to drive here as a college student a zillion years ago, but I don’t remember such total denial that there might be other people on the road!

A city bus made a left turn as I was entering an intersection with the right-of-way. The driver held her hand up like she was a traffic cop. What was I going to do plow into her to make a point? She wasn’t the only vehicle to beat us to the punch at an intersection.

The grand prize, however, goes to pedestrians. The have been darting from between cars like cockroaches, often only a few feet away from legitimate crosswalks! Most crossed without bothering to look at their potential fate. Unreal!

We are at a hotel in the vicinity of Dana-Farber and other hospitals. Pulling into the garage nearly everyone we saw was wearing Phillies gear.

“Go Phillies,” Helaine yelled at a family walking out of the lobby.

We are among friends. Hopefully they will be happy friends later this evening (and tomorrow). Game time 4:05 PM.