Backing-Up Underway

I know this is ‘good for me’ but it’s a pain-in-the-ass.

Now that the drive is partitioned and formatted, I’m backing-up through the USB port. It’s just photos to begin with, but it’s mind boggling. This PC (one of three with photo collections) has 28,117 pictures and videos to archive.

From time-to-time the process seems to stop. It’s possible I’ve hit a video file there, some of which are multiple gigabytes long!

I know this is ‘good for me’ but it’s a pain-in-the-ass. The big question is, once I’ve done this will I have the guts to move these files off the computer?

Powerless Blogging

About twenty minutes ago, the power went out. The automated voice at my electrical company promises it will be back on before some specific minute in the four o’clock hour.

No power means no Internet. But look, here I am!

With a flashlight, I found the cable that fits in my cellphone. From there I plugged it into the USB port on this laptop. A few pushes of a button on the cellphone and – voila – we’re back in the 21st Century.

The over-the-air cell connection here at the house isn’t too fast. It’s faster than nothing.

There’s a certain pride in knowing you know how to work the system when the need arises. Meanwhile, I think I’m going to bed – power or not.

I’m A Bluetooth Guy

Who named the technology that ties wireless phones to wireless headsets Bluetooth? This might be the dumbest name in all of technology. But, it’s a great technology.

You’ve probably seen this technology at work, watching an otherwise normal person walking down the street, seemingly talking to himself. On his ear is a device fit for a ‘borg’. A blue light intermittently flashes.

When I bought my Motorola RAZR I knew it had Bluetooth capability, so I ordered a headset. It is small, doesn’t actually go into my ear, but does flash every few seconds with a blue LED. I can find no way to turn the LED off!

My daughter and wife have both told me I’m forbidden from wearing this IOGear Bluetooth headphone anywhere but in the car. They say it will make me look too geeky.

Hello? Isn’t that a preordained fact? You mean I should be the chick magnet babe I was back in high school. Right. There’s a major work of fiction.

My friend Bob in Austin, on the other hand, says go right ahead. It looks fine.

Unfortunately, Bob would be the wrong guy to tell you how not to be geeky! That is not a photo of Bob on the home page of one of his websites… but “Great Home Theater Made Easy”… C’mon, you think a Colin Farrell type is writing that?

Anyway, I have begun to fool around with the Bluetooth headset and it’s great. No longer do I have to hold the phone to my ear, forcing me to drive with my knees or leaving me one hand short when it’s time to signal a lane change.

This IOGear model is plenty loud too. That’s a major concern when I drive with the top down. And, as time goes by, it seems more obvious I don’t hear as well as I once did.

I bought the headset on eBay. It was shipped from Taunton, MA. At the same time I also bought a Bluetooth Dongle&#185 which is coming from Hong Kong. Let’s say how much longer Hong Kong takes. I’ll bet it’s less of a difference than you think.

The dongle will plug into the USB port on my computer, allowing me to use the headset for PC applications, like Skype. I also want to do more narrated slide shows on my website.

As I said, so far I’m very impressed. It has done all I’ve asked of it. It has made my life that much easier. And, I suppose, this means my new toy has a new toy.

Is there anything cooler… or geekier?

&#185 – It is likely, if anyone tried to say “Bluetooth Dongle” on primtetime TV, they’d be bleeped.

Be Careful What You Buy!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have an LG-G4010 cell phone from Cingular. The phone is very small and sits in my pocket at work. What’s not to like?

I thought it would be fun (in my geeky, nerdy way) to interface the phone with my computer. I’d like to change its wallpaper (OK – eliminate its wallpaper) and better manage my phonebook.

An all out search for the cable to connect the phone and computer turned up nothing… until last week when one appeared on eBay. It wasn’t expensive, so I bought it.

The package came yesterday. The cable seems sturdily built. It is actually a generic USB to serial port converter with an LG-G4010 connector on the serial end. You probably already knew that.

You’ve seen similar packaging on other products. It screams – this was originally done in Japanese – we know you won’t buy it unless it’s in English – we’re not going to really spend a lot of time translating.

The cable came with a CD which contains the USB driver and software for other phones. There is no software for my phone!

As best I can see, I have a lovely cable which connects my phone to the USB port of my computer, but nothing to do past that point. If there’s software available for my phone, I can’t find it. But I’m looking.

Even if I can’t get it to work, it won’t be a total loss. I was raised by a wire and cable collector, and I am one as well. There are no bad wires. There are no bad cables. I have never – will never – throw one out.

Hey, you never know.