My New California License Plate

My daughter worked 78 hours last week. She’s taking a breather with Helaine this afternoon at the mouse. I am shepherding the two dogs. So far, so good.

IMAG0709-w1200-h1200I left the house for around an hour. Today was appointment day at the DMV. My plates were in.

In Connecticut, I drove 4CAST. It was a great plate. Here I had to dig deeper.

Appointments at the DMV are a very good thing, in spite of the long wait for to actually get one. I was scheduled for 2:20. I walked in at 2:10 and was out by 2:22. It would have been faster, but my rep had to stop and show the woman in the next cubicle how to scan a document.

IMAG0712-w1200-h1200The “no appointment” line stretched out the building. It was a line from which you’d be sent to another line. It was long enough to be used as the funny punchline in a TV commercial.

After Santa Ana, I complained (to you) the appointment system discriminated against those without language skills or computers. Overstated. My error.

The people in line here were upscale and stupid, or maybe the two week wait is too much? I felt sorry for them the first time. My compassion has waned.

For the past few months I’ve been driving around with no plates! The dealer throws on a tag, which makes it reasonably clear you just bought the car. I was told I could have done that for six months.

Not that I would, but no license plate would have been perfect for parking tickets or unpaid tolls. It’s a California quirk.

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