My True Save Story

My story starts with the TV on and an old friend on it. He was anchoring the news. No names. I want to protect the innocent.

I saw it immediately. The collar on his suit coat was turned up. It’s happened to all of us. On TV it stands out.

Normally this kind of thing is caught by the floor director or camera operator. Those jobs don’t exist at most stations anymore.

The second line of defense are the folks in the control room–the producer and director.

Maybe they were busy? Maybe they don’t realize this is their job too? Whatever the reason, silence.

I tweeted my friend.

Fix suit collar. Is turned up.

A few minutes later I got a reply, but not from my friend. A co-worker of his follows my Twitter account. She was working just off set.

I went and fixed it for him

Yes she had! Anyone tuning in after the first few minutes missed this wardrobe malfunction.

To cover all our tracks, I’m erasing my tweets. Stuff happens. I don’t want to embarrass anyone.

It’s my good deed for the day for one of the nicest guys I know.