Thirteen Days In a Row

I have been asked, during the month of November, to work 6 days a week. It would be bad if I didn’t like my job… but I do. No problem.

Then this morning, the phone rang. It was the station. Our weekend night meteorologist had a dental emergency with excruciating pain&#185. Could I come in tonight as well?

So, here I am in day 7 of 13 in a row. Like I said, it could be worse.

Since our early news was scheduled to start exceptionally late (after a college football game), leaving me no time to go home for dinner, I asked Helaine to come and join me. It was a real date, albeit at the diner.

I wonder if she realized how much I enjoyed her company?

The bottom line is, working tonight is much better than going to the ER for my teeth. I hope Gil is feeling better.

&#185 – A trip to the emergency room revealed two abscessed teeth. Yikes!