Hats Off To Apple

Steffie’s music player of choice is an Apple Ipod Mini. I give her credit, the Ipod is kept in a little leather case and she really treats it with kid gloves. Oh, and she really loves it.

So, it was a huge blow when the Ipod stopped working. On the LCD screen, where you’d expect to see song and menu info was an icon showing a folder and exclamation point. Not a good sign.

Apple’s website has detailed instructions on recusitating a recalcitrant Ipod. First Steffie tried and then I tried.

The computer asked if we wanted the Ipod restored to its factory fresh condition (losing all of Steffie’s songs). Our yes answer was met by the computer complaining the Ipod couldn’t be mounted. It was a vicious, endless cycle leading nowhere.

My boss, an Apple user through and through, suggested we take it to the Apple Store at West Farms Mall in West Hartford. That sounded like a good idea, but just in case things didn’t work out I also went to the Apple website and had them send me the shipping materials so we could send the Ipod in for repair.

This afternoon Steffie and Helaine drove to West Hartford. They were directed to the back of the store where the employees who usually aren’t afforded personal contact with non-geeky humans are kept.

He looked at the Ipod. “Sometimes the hard drive just goes,” he offered up. Then he disappeared to a back room.

When he returned, he had a box and Helaine realized the Ipod would have to be shipped out for service. But amazingly, he pulled a brand new Ipod from the box and handed it to Steffie. The old one would be repaired, but that wouldn’t be our problem.

Steffie’s task is to load all her music onto this new Ipod. It’s not as daunting as it sounds since they’re all on my spare PC.

Today in the Fox household, Apple is king.

To The Mall

There was some thought of visiting my friend Paul in New York this weekend, but when that didn’t work out, I asked Helaine and Steffie what they wanted to do. Mall.

Hey, I asked.

My friend Peter Mokover (gratuitous mention) summarized it properly on the phone. “Girl’s stores.” He’s right, that’s what malls are all about.

In many ways this is similar to gifts given to couples. Yes, it’s for them… but it’s really for her.

We headed out to West Farms Mall, about 45 minutes from here. First stop was Dunkin’ Donuts. I picked up a cup of coffee and the spied something new in the baked goods rack – Low Carb Bagels.

Low Carb Bagels! How is that possible? Is there anything less friendly to carb counters than a bagel.

I bought the bagel.

Before I left the counter I asked if there was any information on this bagel? Was it 10% lower, 20%, 80%? The woman serving me didn’t know. Later I went to the Dunkin’ Donuts website. No info there either.

The bagel was fine. It seemed to be coated with cheese. I’m really not sure. I just wish I could find out what it is.

We went to the mall. Peter’s right – girl’s stores.

I spent some time at the bookstore, Radio Shack and The Discovery Channel Store, but there’s nothing as compelling to me as Abercrombie and Fitch is to Steffie. I also made 3-4 calls to my parents in Boynton Beach. Hurricane Frances has them trapped inside. They’re comfortable, well fed and with friends, but without TV, computer, air conditioning or electricity.

Before we left, we had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Wow. I have never seen a business built so much on merchandising. Even the menus had warnings about taking them, because they were for sale in the store… which you walk through to go inside.

My burger was good and the three of us split a “Volcano.”

Here’s the bottom line. It was really nice to spend the day with my family. It is a pleasure we don’t have all the time and I savor it.