I Smell Smoke

baker fire

We’re back in SoCal.

After taking Stef home, then dodging the traffic (and detour) near the Hollywood Bowl, we made decent time down “The Five” to Orange County.

There is one change since we left Friday. The air is pungent with the smell of charcoal! We’re feeling the effects of the Baker Fire in Silverado Canyon, around five miles away.

It’s far enough not to be a worry, but close enough to make its presence felt.

This is a mulch fire. It started in a nursery then spread to the surrounding wilderness. The fire covers around 50 acres and is 25% contained tonight.

The are multiple problems with a fire like this. The natural brush is very dry. There’s been no rain for months, then a Santa Ana wind this weekend. Beyond that this fire’s in a steep canyon with limited access.

Even California’s gentle weather packs some danger. Yes, it’s scary.