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While others in their group passed out fliers, these demonstrators did something which looked like excercise but probably wans't. I hate to show my ignorance.

From: GaryC   (22:28, Aug 30, 2004)
Geoff, I believe you have a photograph of Falun Gong followers performing Falun Dafa exercises. Falun Gong is a religious/spiritual sect popular amongst the Chinese. They believe teh Chinese government persecutes the followers due to their beliefs, and they often perform the ritualistic Falun Dafa exercises in public to promote their cause. The Falun Dafa consists of five different exercises, two of which involve standing still for various amounts of time. They often do this in groups to attract the most attention. (and I only got some of this from that one episode of "Law and Order". The rest I actually knew!

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