Behind The Scenes In Studio5E

Behind the Scenes in Studio5E   YouTube

I’ve been fooling around with a little camera to use in my studio. With it ‘behind the action,’ today seemed like a good day to record what I do while I do it.

The two screens that dominate the photo are my TriCaster. It acts as a control room. All its actions are governed by pre-programmed macros which I fire off with a handheld remote.

Glad to answer any questions.

The Four Most Important Keystrokes

I was just watching a product demo. The product was a piece software and the demo was a screencap video.

At one point the developer needed to copy something.

I watched him open a dialog box, meaning he’d right clicked. Then he left clicked on copy. A view of the mouse wasn’t necessary to know what he’d done.


Don’t do that!

It was like screeching chalk on a blackboard. Do they even have those anymore? Probably not.

Copy by hitting Control and c at once. That’s it. Whatever was highlighted is now ready to paste.

Pasting also has a shortcut, Control-v.

These are such little things, but they speed you up when you most need efficiency–when you’re actually working!

Two more. Control-x cuts what’s highlighted but remembers it for pasting. You move sentences or words with Control-x.

Finally, there is the god command. On nearly all computer programs Control-z will undo your last action. Screw something up? Control-z!

Some of you probably know this. To the others, you’re welcome.

My Bet Is Down


A few hours after I post this, it will be snowing in Northeast Nebraska. At least it’s supposed to.

All those feelings are back. There are few things I anguish over more than snow.

Snow forecasts are never ‘right on.’ It drives me crazy!

I have some advantages in Nebraska. I don’t have to ask for additional time. I just take it as needed. This morning I’m a taker.

Since I record on a schedule, if I am willing to stay in a suit and tie a little later, I can push back the session start. And I did.

An extra ninety minutes didn’t give me much additional info. I rechecked the HRRR which continues to show snow, though not as much as the GFS or NAM. They never all agree,

My bet is down. Can’t change it now. If I’m wrong it’s not for trying.

Why Snow Forecasts Are So Tough


I am a meteorologist. If push came to shove I could forecast by hand. But why? Computers are so much better… except when it comes to QPF, Quantitative Precipitation Forecast or “how much?”

I’ve attached (above) a graph from the major US weather models. They’re showing snow amounts in Norfolk, Nebraska on Friday. Forecasts range from under an inch to greater than four inches.

Spreads this wide aren’t unusual. Actually, they’re common. And they drive me nuts.

I have ways of closing in on a forecast, but I wish it was less experience and intuition and more objective math.

Science has come far, but gains in accuracy are more difficult now. The low hanging fruit has been picked.

The broadcast I’ll record in a few hours will have less snow forecast than one I recorded earlier tonight. The hope is closer means more accurate. Not always.

She’s The Birthday Puppy

IMAG3292_PerfectlyClearDoppler came to us from the system. She was a guest of the Wallingford, CT pound when we first met. She came home with us (and Bentley with Cheryl and Steve) on this date, November 18, 2011.

It seems like she’s been with us forever. She never seemed like a stranger.

Because her background is sketchy, we don’t know Doppler’s real age. Judging by her teeth we were told she was two or three, making her six or seven today.

She still acts like a puppy. She levitates herself when Helaine comes home and Doppler wants to get to ‘touch me’ level.

She is a member of the family. She knows exactly what’s expected of her and delivers. And, we’re pretty good at reciprocating.

Happy birthday dear Doppler. Happy birthday to you.

Whoa! Not So Fast Cowboys

I hear the drum beats for war. That didn’t take long. How can we not be violently angry with the Islamist terrorists who attacked France last week? I certainly am. I’m not ready to go to war. I’m not sure what it would accomplish. What do we want to win exactly? Terrorism is not new. […]

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What My Time Lapse Says About The Atmosphere

I like this particular movie because what looks flat in real time is very complex when sped up. It’s one of the reasons weather modeling so often fails. We can’t model this complexity.

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Don’t Let Terrorism Change Us, Again

In the wake of the Paris attacks my first reaction was to remember 9/11. It’s fair to say that what happened Friday in Paris, while killing far fewer, is the same kind of terrorist action we saw in 2001. Now, what? After 9/11 we all heard changing our daily lives would be giving in to […]

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Flip-Flopping Versus Progressing

What is flip-flopping? Thirty plus years ago I told my girlfriend, Helaine, I’d never get married. Marriage, I said, didn’t appeal to me. My views changed. Is that flip-flopping? No says I, the potential floppee. I matured (a little). My opinions changed. I was wrong and realized it. Isn’t this the normal progression of life? […]

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The Professor Visits

David Friedman was in the neighborhood today. I met David years ago at Yale, foolishly did a good deed and have been friends ever since. David, like a few other my other friends, is perfect for academia. He is a professor of law at Willamette University in Oregon. He’s in nearby Costa Mesa today for […]

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