Goodfellas… That Reminds Me…

11800199_10207405223985765_2360707215893775859_nMy friend David Friedman posted the picture on the left on Facebook tonight. I had no clue. It’s a painting that appears in the movie Goodfellas. I have no idea why it’s special.

It’s in Wikipedia. That’s all I know.

The movie itself is special. This is Martin Scorsese at his finest.

The movie does have one Guiness Book of World Records type scene. It might be my single favorite movie scene. Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) is on his first date with Karen (Lorraine Bracco). He takes her to the Copacabana.

From the time they leave their car until Henny Youngman comes on stage is around 3:00. Scorsese does it in one intricately choreographed single shot. No edits. No stops. Amazing.

The long tracking shot through the Copacabana nightclub came about because of a practical problem: the filmmakers could not get permission to go in the short way, and this forced them to go round the back. Scorsese decided to film the sequence in one unbroken shot in order to symbolize that Henry’s entire life was ahead of him, commenting, “It’s his seduction of her [Karen] and it’s also the lifestyle seducing him”. This sequence was shot eight times. – Wikipedia

OK. Whatever.

I just wanted to make sure you saw it.

Graphic And Disturbing


I woke up today and dialed 1202 into the cable box. Wolf Blitzer was on CNN with an advisory. The video which followed would be graphic and disturbing.

They were about the play video from the Ohio police shooting. I changed the channel.

I just can’t take it anymore. I don’t want to see gore. I don’t want to see violence. I’m not stupid. I know what happens when you shoot someone in the head from point blank range.

Am I the only one?

I have already seen too much hurt and violence for one lifetime. I don’t need to see the video to understand what happened was heinous. Let the justice system do its thing.

Showing a killing is snuff porn.

Tough Birthday


My birthday weekend has ended. We flew back from Vegas early Monday afternoon. I was working on weather maps by 3:30 pm. Score one for convenient airports.

I just finished liking all my birthday greetings. Boy, does Facebook make that tough.

725 of you posted birthday greetings on my home page. There were also dozens of private messages and hundreds of likes. I can’t thank you enough.

It was nice being away with Helaine. I always have fun with her.

Poker was terrible. I’ve never lost so consistently. It happens, I guess.

Coming to grips with my birthday was a little more difficult. It was a milestone birthday. You hope all the good stuff isn’t behind you, but you never know.

Birthday Weekend Is Here

It’s my birthday weekend. My wife is whisking me away, an evening flight from John Wayne. We’ll be checked-in our hotel by 11:30. Vegas.

It’s driveable, but this is a quick trip. Gate-to-gate flying takes an hour.

Should I be worried Helaine has packed duct tape?

Stef has moved into the loft to watch Doppler and Roxie.

I look forward to getting away with H. It should be lots of fun. This is what grown-ups do.

(jk on the duct tape)

Watching The Bears At Dinner


Strange as it seems I’ve spent a good part of this afternoon and evening watching the bears feed at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park in Alaska. It’s fascinating and you can watch live!

As the salmon swims upstream to spawn they reach the falls. There must be an official word to describe what they do, but it looks like they’re trying to jump to the top so they can swim on.

The water is very cold. It’s fed by snow melt. The bears don’t care.

9Brown bears, currently there are around eight, wait patiently. Slowly they move their heads back and forth scanning the rushing current. When a fish comes close, they’re ready to grab.

Obviously words has gotten out quicker in the bear community than the fish community. The bears get fed and the fish just keep on coming.

When Helaine and I traveled to Alaska this feeding frenzy had already ended for the season. It is something I’d like to see in person some day.

The Swiss Army Knife Of Weather

Some of you are weather weenies. Have I got a toy for you. It’s called BUFKIT. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of weather! And, it’s free. It’s called BUFKIT because it’s a forecaster’s toolkit invented for snow forecasting in Buffalo. The author is an NWS meteorologist. Maps can show you one, or a few, parameters […]

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Sniff And Be Sniffed

The good thing about hitting the lawn in the evening are the other dogs there. It’s an opportunity for Doppler to sniff and be sniffed.

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Who Is A Hero?

McCain showed more strength and fortitude than I’d ever be able to muster. How is he not a hero?

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The Day The Rains Came

Removing sunshine from California is like removing super powers from Superman. He becomes just another guy in a skintight bodysuit.

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Our Very Unusual Midsummer’s Day

When it comes to weather, the Coachella Valley is a fragile flower. The summer is usually a relentless parade of hot, dry days. The residents and the land itself can’t take much deviation from the norm.

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