The New Drive

The old hard drive.  It now becomes 'draw-ware.'

Does my blog have that new computer smell? I put a new hard drive in this laptop tonight. That goes along with an earlier memory addition. You can make an older computer perform like new and extend its lifetime.

The new drive is an SSD. I bought the cheapest, fastest drive I could — around $40 for 120Gb. It is a KingDian. I’ve never heard of them either. Amazon was our go-between.

In 2016 120Gb seems small. Then I remembered ‘the cloud’. Anything of importance gets shipped off to Google or some other site.

In addition there’s my in-house network infrastructure. Every machine is capable of seeing a common point to transfer files easily. From my desk downstairs there’s nothing I can’t directly retrieve. Taken together there’s over 4Tb of storage available.

All of a sudden a larger drive seemed wasteful.

SSDs are orders of magnitude faster than conventional hard drives. They’re quiet, have no moving parts and use less power. Prices continue to fall.

It took a few minutes to install properly. My fault. In the end anyone can swap drives, even me. It’s really dead simple.

I’d already put Microsoft’s Windows 10 installer on a thumb drive. Even without a serial number it recognized this machine’s hardware. The install was absolutely, positively without incident. It never even asked my time zone. It remembered my customizations. Thank you Microsoft.

This also means Windows 10 is snoopy. You think my customizations were all that was noted? Yet another invasion of my privacy. Until laws are passed I grit my teeth, put my fingers in my ears and hum.

This machine is where I create forecast pages and do other minor Photoshop work. It is my general purpose computer in the studio. Making it faster makes me faster.

It’s good to be the boss. I only have to convince myself it’s worthwhile.

Geoff Fox: Dog Sitter



Geoff Fox: Dog Sitter. I like it.

Helaine is gone. Stef is gone. Doppler and Roxie are my responsibility.

A few things have become clear. Roxie likes being here. Doppler no longer fears Roxie. They don’t play. They co-exist.

Doppler came to my door a few minutes ago wanting to go out. Roxie followed us to the door, then waited patiently for her turn. We are very consistent in rewarding good behavior. Dogs catch on.

Roxie and Doppler are totally different dogs. It’s impossible to pick a favorite.

It’s reassuring to know I’m not alone. Dogs are very useful.

The Doctor Said Go


For the past few months I’ve written about my dad and his potential progress in hopeful terms. I described a best case scenario. It was as much as we could hope for. We were prepared to accept less.

That’s why it’s so cool to say he’s way beyond that now!

He is ninety and getting stronger. He’s walking. He standing.

He found a wonderful woman who spends her days with him. She makes sure he’s getting out. They went to the mall. They went to Costco. She sent me video of my dad Wii bowling today.

Finding her was an incredible gift.

The Internet only goes so far. He needs human contact.

My sister took him to the doctor for a check-up today.

Which doctor? Don’t know. He sees so many. If he was playing specialist BINGO he’d have already won cash!

The question of traveling to SoCal came up. We were all scared the answer would be no. After all, being ninety itself is a health hazard.

His doctor said, “Go.” She said it would be good for him. And so he will. We are very excited.

It’s not like he has any pressing obligations, so sooner rather than later. A little California therapy is a good cure for winter.

Sometimes You Get Lucky: Avalanche


I haven’t done any serious photography in a while. That changed this afternoon in Laguna Beach. Julie and Stan drove in from Redlands.

Julie and I met and car pooled while shooting in Yosemite. This was my first time meeting Stan. I approve.

We shot at the beach, but I think my best photo came while waiting for them at dinner.

Laguna has many open air restaurants. People bring dogs. It’s surely against some code or statute. No one cares–certainly not me. It’s part of Laguna’s charm.

My subject is Avalanche, a large and friendly Husky mix. He has both a brown and blue eye.

I asked permission then got on my hands and knees. It must look weird, a grown man laying on the sidewalk. This was not the first time.

Avalanche was an excellent model, curious enough to show interest toward the camera without getting too close to focus. Big dog confidence.

I was having trouble getting a shot, so a nearby customer turned on his cell phone light. I never asked. I’m glad he did. It’s the bright spot on his snout.

I didn’t notice the interesting pattern in the pavement nor the nicely placed legs and shoes in the background. Serendipity. The shot is just jam packed with interesting content.

For those curious, F/4, 1/10 sec, ISO 2000, 10 mm on a 10-20 mm Sigma lens. I actually like this shot a little noisy and grainy. It is, after all, taken from a dog’s perspective in a dog’s world–under a table.

I handed Avalanche’s owner my card. I hope he asks for the photo.

I Believe I’m A Hermit


I believe I’m a hermit.

noun: hermit; plural noun: hermits
1. Any person living in solitude or seeking to do so.
synonyms: recluse, solitary, loner, ascetic, marabout, troglodyte

I don’t think I’ve left the few blocks that surround our home this week. Most of the time I’m alone in the studio working on projects… or work.

I don’t miss commuting. My car has been filled once since Halloween.

Most days I dress in a suit and tie yet never see anyone but Helaine and Doppler.

Working from home fits me well. I don’t miss office politics. I don’t miss suffering other people’s mistakes (though I now realize how ridiculous that was of me).

TV can be an insidious business. We would sit and take apart newscasts while they were on-the-air, picking at them like so many scabs. I don’t miss that either.

When I was forecasting for Palm Springs I’d enjoy occasional trips to the desert. Occasional is enough.

I love what I’m doing. Forecasting every day in Nebraska is my fun. Very rewarding. I don’t think I’d change a thing.

Maybe I just don’t want to be a people person anymore?

The Snow’s Almost Outta Here

The snow is pulling out of Nebraska. What a day! 200 miles of Interstate 80 is closed. Need I say more? No forecast is ever 100% spot on, but this was reasonably close. Phew. I’m like this every storm. Nebraskan’s had a one week heads up. Admittedly, my accumulation numbers went up and down a […]

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Monday And Tuesday In Nebraska

This is my Saturday afternoon call. A little more for Northeast Nebraska, a little less in the south, especially south of I-80. The track will doubtless shift a little again.

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Coming Soon To Nebraska: Snow

I don’t know what tomorrow will be like here in Orange County, but I am intimate with the weather in Nebraska. Snow is coming early next week and all those old feelings are returning. You have no idea how much I, or any meteorologist, wants to be right. I take it very personally. I can’t […]

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Perfect Day

People sometimes wonder why we moved to California? They’ve never been here on a day like this. It’s January 26th and the weather is exquisite, thank you! No exaggeration, the sky was so blue it seemed like someone had turned the saturation knob too far! Easterly breeze all day. Minor Santa Ana event. It drove […]

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It Snowed Today In Irvine

You’re not allowed to play music, which might disturb the neighbors. There are, it seems, no restrictions on snow!

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