Planes Crash, But This Is Different


I never had a fear of flying. Still, the French crash of the Germanwings Airbus has me totally freaked out.

I remember the EgyptAir crash from 1999. The airline tried to hide the suicidal cause, if memory serves.

And now I worry this is why MH370 was never found. An airline cockpit is an impenetrable cocoon.

From NPR:

Although uncommon, such incidents are not unheard of. Since the mid-1970s, air-crash investigations have brought to light eight others in which intentional actions by a pilot or co-pilot to bring down an aircraft were either confirmed or suspected.

The Daily Mail asks,

Was Andreas Lubitz inspired by other plane disasters? Germanwings pilot’s actions echo recent tragedies – and could explain what happened to MH370

Is there an industry that has a higher percentage of unhappy employees than the airlines?

I’m still not scared to fly. But none of this is comforting.

This Seems To Be A…

Jens StoltenbergI’m a fan of the president’s. I don’t agree with everything he’s done. We mostly see eye-to-eye.

This evening a friend told me the president had snubbed Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, head of NATO. That’s him on the left. My friend attached a Bloomberg News article.

“This seems to be a f*** up,” I replied, sans asterisks. A few minutes later I added, “It’s wrong. No one is f*** up proof. Not me. Not you.”

This is a simple truth. We all f*** up!

Unfortunately, in today’s supercharged atmosphere, too many people think every f*** up is actually a purposefully evil deed. We are suspicious. We are paranoid. That’s not healthy.

We all f*** up.

It’s Always Something: Tire Edition

I spent the afternoon in Palm Desert. KMIR was doing a promotion with the American Diabetes Association. Glad to help.

6:45 came around. I had dinner plans with Farrell and Vered from Indio. I got in my car and… thump… thump… thump.

A flat? Really? Right in the station’s parking lot? Oh yeah. The nail’s right in the center of the tread of the left front tire.

Tonight I learned Mercedes doesn’t repair flat tires. Oh.

The miniature spare is on now, but I can’t see myself driving to Irvine on it. I borrowed an SUV from the station’s motorpool, which I’ll bring back tomorrow.

With any luck the flat will be fixed at a local tire place and I’ll drive home after tomorrow’s news.

It’s always something.

Here Come The Pols

I had the radio on for my drive to Palm Desert this evening. That’s never a good thing (the radio listening, not the drive). First a little NPR then some political talk shows.

Why do I torture myself this way?

chris christie   Google Search

On “Radio Times,” A WHYY production seemingly aimed at the Philadelphia metro but which plays nationally via satellite radio, I learned about Chris Christie’s deal settling a lawsuit with Exxon/Mobil.

New Jersey originally asked for $8.9 billion. Christie ordered it settled for $225 million. That’s literally pennies on the dollar.

Everyone outside the governor’s office (and Exxon/Mobil boardroom) seems upset. From the NY Times:

By a vote of 24 to 0, the Senate approved a resolution urging a judge to reject a proposed $225 million settlement in the case. The state had sought $8.9 billion in damages for restoration and for loss of use of the land by the public because of contamination caused by refineries in Bayonne and Linden.

The resolution urged the state to withdraw from the proposed settlement agreement because it is “inappropriate, improper and inadequate,” and called on the governor, a Republican, “to obtain maximum compensation possible” for the damages to wetlands and waterways.

It’s possible Christie isn’t as interested in making Jerseyite’s happy as he is in pleasing conservatives and corporate donors. He does seem interested in being president. Money is important if you’re running. Whatever the reason this deal is giving off major stench.

ted cruz   Google Search

I was pretty upset after hearing that… and then I got to listen to Ted Cruz’s announce he’s running for president. He wants to be president of a different country than I want. To me, his vision is scary.

Even to some Republicans his vision is scary.

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) appeared on CNN and didn’t mince words.

“We need intelligent debate in the country. Ted Cruz may be an intelligent person, but he doesn’t carry out an intelligent debate,” King said. “He oversimplifies, he exaggerates and he basically led the Republican Party over the cliff in the fall of 2013. He has shown no qualifications, no legislation being passed, doesn’t provide leadership and he has no real experience. So, to me, he is just a guy with a big mouth and no results.”

But would King support Cruz if he ended up becoming the Republican Party nominee for 2016?

“I hope that day never comes,” King told Blitzer. “I will jump off that bridge when we come to it.”

The election isn’t until November 2016. I’m not sure I can deal with it that long.

California Traffic


I’m in Palm Desert this afternoon. I like to be here by 3:00, so I leave before 1:00. The trip’s 1:30, so that gives me leeway. Not today.

The car’s trip computer showed I was averaging 35 mph as I approached Riverside. By there my average speed is normally around 70! Uh oh.

My 90’ish minute trip took 2.5 hours today. There’s no real reason, except it’s Friday. People going to Vegas or the Palm Springs area share some of the same roads I use.

Hopefully the trip home will be traffic (and officer) free. California traffic is everything you’ve heard it is and then some.

Is Doppler Part Cat?

She has the appetite of a supermodel awaiting the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue shoot.

When it comes to food, Doppler is very catlike.

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It’s The Sechrists

We feel pity when easterners arrive.

“How bad was your winter,” I asked. As if I didn’t know.

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Have You Heard Of A Place Called Cactus City?

Our evening male anchor is Gino LaMont. He is the KMIR sage, in the market long enough to know most answers. “Gino, have you heard of a place called Cactus City,” I asked during a commercial break? He had not. I decided not to mention it. Wikipedia says it’s an unincorporated community. I’m not sure […]

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The Plums Are Back

Two steps later I stopped dead in my tracks. Helaine and my mom looked at each other. I turned around, walked back in the kitchen and grabbed a napkin.

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The Prompter Is On

When it comes to mechanics, I have zero confidence. Larry came to keep me from doing anything stupid. He was in charge.

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