My Dad’s Poker Game Discovery

Harold Fox 80th birthday with showgirls in Las Vegas

My father plays poker where he lives. It’s a Tuesday night game. The same four or five guys week-after-week. Three, including my dad, are named Harold.

“I won $3,” he told me a few weeks ago. I asked him not to squander my inheritance.

He was playing last week when age came up. My dad will be 90 in October. He was youngest at the table!

That doesn’t happen too often.

Great Sunday


Family tonight. Stef drove down from Hollywood with Roxie.

I was in charge of London broil and corn on the grill. Helaine prepped everything plus made mashed potatoes, fresh cranberry sauce and the most incredible apple cherry cobbler (Oops – this is what happens when you write while tired).

After dinner we walked through the neighborhood with the dogs. It’s a perfect SoCal night.

You live for days like this.

As My Blog Turns Twelve


This blog started with fireworks twelve years ago. Fireworks you get tonight.

Helaine and I caught the Irvine city sponsored fireworks from Heritage Park which adjoins Irvine High School. We had amazing luck.

We left the house around 15 minutes late. Thanks me. All the parking spots were full.

And then, as if by magic, a party of three appeared.

“Pulling out?” I asked.


Really? No one ever says yes. It never works this way, especially BEFORE the big event. The space was great.

We found a sitting spot up on a burm. It looked good, but turned out to be an obstructed view. We moved to a better spot as the fireworks started.

A few minutes into the show we heard a commotion behind us. People were standing up. Some were grabbing their children. This wasn’t good.

Sprinklers! Someone forgot to turn them off.

I sat with Helaine and watched as the camera clicked away on its own. Every so often I’d tweak a setting or change the zoom. They’re eight second exposures, f/8, iso 100. The lens is 28-70 mm.

Helaine and I feel very at home here. It is a comfortable place to live. We enjoyed the show tonight.



























The Republican’s Dilemma

I think I’ve figured out the Republican Party’s dilemma. There really isn’t a single party as much as there’s a coalition. For years pro-business forces have teamed with religious voters. It’s mainly worked.

Now the pro-business and religious wings are at each other’s throats. Both sides have baggage the other doesn’t want.

It will be interesting to see what shakes out August 6th, the first Republican presidential debate. Candidates who’ve tried to remain quiet will be forced to deal with this weird political diversity.

Miss USA’s New Station

miss usa   Google Search

Miss USA won’t be seen on NBC. The whole Donald thing was too much for them and many of their sponsors to take. Now Miss USA will be broadcast on REELZ, a channel I get but have never watched.

The guy behind REELZ is Stan E. Hubbard. As soon as I heard the name lights began flashing. Mr. Hubbard is from the broadcasting family who have owned KSTP in St. Paul (serving Minneapolis and St. Paul) as long as I can remember.

Stan Hubbard’s dad, Stanley, was a broadcast pioneer. He bought a satellite truck and transponder time then started an interstation satellite news exchange early on. To say he was a forward thinker willing to risk his own money is an understatement.

Hubbard started the All News Channel, an early competitor to CNN. Though a long term failure, it was a ballsy move from a little company in Minnesota.

I even did a live shot from Mystic Seaport on a weekend morning show the Hubbard’s companies produced and syndicated back in the late 80s.

Alas, Mr. Hubbard’s broadcast operation has a reputation for employee/employer legal wrangling. Hubbard ended up on the wrong end of a few lawsuits. Maybe that comes with the territory. It always felt to me as if Hubbard was taking advantage of naive employees, having them sign contracts which greatly favored the company.

Stan (the son) Hubbard says he won’t make much, maybe nothing, from this fire sale rights purchase. He’s probably right.

What REELZ will gain is notice. People who don’t know it exists today might know its channel number next week. For a thinly watched outlet this is a huge deal.

Bottom line for me, it sucks that someone will commercially benefit from Donald Trump’s massively unwarranted attack on Mexicans.

If anyone had the cajones to give it as try, Hubbard is no surprise.

Do You Know Jordyn Bailey?

It’s always the same, provocative photo. Attractive woman. Suggestive, but not enough to get the photo (and account) banned.

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All Roads Lead To SoCal

The older I get the more I enjoy seeing relatives. It really is a bigger deal for me nowadays. Is this the way it works with everyone? Is the whole concept of family something that’s only understood as a grown-up?

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Back To Married Life

Here’s what I learned over the weekend: I suck at being a bachelor. I spent most of my time hanging around in pajamas deciding what not to do next. Wrong generation, but I guess I’m still a slacker.

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I Hate When This Happens

In this case, by the time model outputs were posted they were already noticeably wrong! Moisture from Mexico scheduled for Sunday arrived Friday.

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What The Hell Is Going On In Wisconsin?

Still, who thinks someone who really can’t wait two days to get a gun, should have a gun? Seriously, why would you want Mr. “I need a pistol–now!” armed?

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