Let The Marketing Begin

Over the past few years I’ve managed to do what was impossible when I first proposed it around ten years ago. I built a broadcast quality video studio/production facility then wrote the software to create the graphics behind me and allow me to operate it by myself. There is no other set-up like this anywhere.

My studio
“Studio 5E” Irvine, California

I’m on every evening on a network of TV stations in the Plains. I want to add to that.

I’d like to become the meteorologist for a news oriented website. It’s a position that doesn’t exist, but should. And (hopefully) I’ve figured out exactly what’s needed to do it.

Here’s a look at what I’ve begun sending in an attempt to market myself and my service.

click to play my video

18 thoughts on “Let The Marketing Begin”

  1. Geoff, a great promo for your services. I would think that this would be ideal in small and medium size markets. I would think in this age of technology your services are in need. Keep us all updated on your progress. Also very good to hear from you again. Keep these posts coming!

  2. This is very cool, Geoff!! Good luck in marketing because I’d love to see you on the web daily! ~ Evi

  3. Very Nice! I hope it develops into a profitable endeavor!
    I am also glad to hear from you. You look well!
    Good luck!
    It was nice to see you still have a CT phone #!

  4. Great work, Geoff! Hope that you can open up that news channel position. They’d be getting THE Pro! Still missing you in CT.
    The Ravenswood woman!

      1. I have also been missing the blog updates as well. I fearfully suspect Jeff is under the weather and just trying to physically get better. I hope that is real soon.

  5. Geoff I miss you on channel 8 and when I saw this I thought you were great predicting the weather but now predicting life. On line is where it’s at and the horrible virus might have pushed us farther along. Wish you good luck in all endeavors and think of a weather class for others as well. Take Care!

    1. I don’t think Geoff is keeping up with this site anymore. Sad that twitter and Fazebook is the place were everyone goes now. It was fun while it lasted. no mention about this site from him either. It kinda leaves me with wonder as to what happened.

  6. Geoff, I wish that you were available in Southwestern Florida. You added a lot of joy to the Connecticut weather forecasts.

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