Daddy, You’d Be In Jail For Life!

My dad and I just finished our afternoon FaceTime call. You would never know his age by our conversations. We talked baseball, President Trump’s father’s birthplace and the Joe Biden thing.

Before continuing it should be noted I worked with the Connecticut woman who accused Biden of inappropriate behavior. She was a nice person and I enjoyed her company on-the-floor where she worked as camera operator.

She’s bright and worked in politics so she surely understands the power of her words. I believe what she’s said.

I also believe Joe Biden who says he never knowingly did anything inappropriate.

“You know,” I began to my dad. He started laughing. He knew where I was going.

“If Joe Biden is in trouble for what he did, Daddy you’d be in jail for life.”

It’s true. The touchy feely flirtatious nature my dad displays is typical of men his age. There’s undoubtedly some in me too. I grew up watching my father and how it was accepted and even welcomed.

He wasn’t hitting on anyone or coming on sexually. It was how he was brought up in our male dominated society. This was his way of showing he was a nice guy.

“Times have changed.” I could hear a little disappointment in his voice as he said that but he understands. He’s also smart enough to know age 93 gives you some license.

He’ll be better, not perfect.

5 thoughts on “Daddy, You’d Be In Jail For Life!”

  1. Man O Man, This thing has erupted to something I’m not comfortable with. I’m 75 years old and if I greet some one of the opposite sex, I was taught to offer a kiss on the cheek and a mild embrace. In Europe, this still stands.
    Be prepared, if you reject this, when I greet a man, it’s a lumberjack handshake and a good rap on the back. You’ll get the same, be ready.

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