Don’t Diss Gloves!

The gloves had been on the seat for weeks, but didn’t try to escape until I was mean to ‘glove-manity.’

I caught the elevator down from the studio last night with Brent Hardin. He’s the male anchor on our 4, 10 and 11 PM newscasts. The temperature was well into the 40&#176s. Brent was wearing gloves.

He said if he didn’t wear them he’d lose them. I razzed him a little.

We parted company in the parking lot and headed to our cars. There was a glove on the ground just behind the rear bumper of my Forester. Someone must have dropped it there.

Brent was right. If you don’t wear them you lose them.

It wasn’t until I got home, opened the door and looked at the seat next to me that I realized that was my glove on the ground in Hartford! The gloves had been on the seat for weeks, but didn’t try to escape until I was mean to ‘glove-manity.’

Lesson learned.

I pulled into the parking lot today and looked to see if the glove was still there. Of course. It was right where I’d left it last night.

The way I figure it the glove let me go with a warning.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Diss Gloves!”

  1. Geoff, I also LMAO indeed that was a warning. I could knit you a “mitten string” like my grandmother used to for all us “kids” so the gloves would stay with the coat! Just let me know K.
    Still L ing MAO 🙂

  2. So funny, really 🙂 It is always amazing that my gloves have run away when I truly need them, or one of them decides to go off by itself for a walk. My husband took a pair of gloves with him during the last snow storm, problem is they were both the same hand and different gloves, lol.

  3. You know, the fact you own up to this stuff is what makes you so special! It happens to all of us but we may just not pass the information on!

    I was talking to a crafter at her booth this past fall who told me she’s planning on making 3 to every set of mittens so you can still have a match when one decides to make a run for it! Smart, huh??

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