I’m Thinking Spring

It won’t last. Winter is persistent. There are surely storms to come.

I took Doppler for a walk this afternoon. No jacket. Just pajamas. Sorry neighbors.

We’re still nearly two months from the official start of spring and four weeks from the beginning of meteorological spring yet it was spring today! Temperatures are close to 50&#176 on the shore with mid-50&#176s inland.

It won’t last. Winter is persistent. There are surely storms to come.

Today that is the farthest thing from my mind. All I’m thinking about is spring.

10 thoughts on “I’m Thinking Spring”

  1. Did you walk to Walmart??? Around here in South FLa….that’s the go to outfit for WallyWorld….you could find yourself on “The People of Walmart.com….lol

  2. Geoff, I took a walk today too, but I put on street clothes – lol! As far as I’m concerned winter can continue just as it has been; a few days warmer than normal (and maybe some rain), a few days in the 30’s. Suits me just fine 🙂

  3. Geoff no comments on the article last week in the register about you being mentioned with global warming and not buying into it.

    I’ll be at the daytona 500 to start spring

  4. I’ve been waiting for a nice storm so I could go boarding but at this point I’ve given up all hope. I admit last year we did get a little too much snow, but it was the best season for snowboarding in recent memory. I just want one storm. Can you make it happen Geoff???

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