Easy-To-Do: How To Stop Spam Posts On Your Twitter Account

This fix is incredibly easy and can be done by even the most computerphobic tweeter without fear of screwing things up further.

An old friend recently followed me on Twitter. He’s my friend, I went to follow him back. Uh oh. His Twitter feed is full of spammy weight loss messages, six in the last 24 hours.

My guess is he didn’t know he was sending out this stuff. He does now. It’s hidden in plain sight in a place most Twitter users won’t see!

It’s likely his account WASN’T hacked. Most compromised accounts have given the spammers permission without realizing it.

I sent him instructions to fix it. Here they are for you too!

  1. 1 – With a web browser (Mac, PC, Linux – no difference) go to www.Twitter.com and sign in.
  2. 2 – Click here. You’ll be taken to a list of the applications you’ve authorized to post to your account.
  3. 3 – Go through the list and “Revoke access” from any applications you don’t recognize or have stopped using.
  4. 4 – There is no step four. You’re done!

This fix is incredibly easy and can be done by even the most computerphobic tweeter without fear of screwing things up further.

25 thoughts on “Easy-To-Do: How To Stop Spam Posts On Your Twitter Account”

  1. So that’s how it’s being done. The weight loss twitter spam has been making the rounds of some of the Indycar team feeds.

  2. The only applications I have authorized are twitter mobile and twitter for iphone yet I still have spam that is posted to my friends from my account. Help. What else can I do?



      1. I’ve already tried that and I’m still getting spam posted from my account. I’ll try again but if it doesn’t work, I’ll be back lol

      2. How do I get clapco.net to stop posting to my twitter?
        I’ve followed your instructions … but they were not on the apps list … but I want them to stop 🙁

  3. How about when spam shows up in a hashtag feed? I have a twitter timeline widget on my website, displaying tweets from a certain hashtag. Someone is posting totally irrelevant stuff using that hashtag, so it shows up in the feed. So it’s not posted in my name but in a hashtag where it don’t belong – any way I can remove it? Thanks.

  4. When i click on that it says something went wrong. I clicked on something that said get followers and I didn’t know it was a spam but then it automatically followed 100 random people. And now daily it posts stuff on my account but i never gave it permission. How do i stop this please help?

    That thing you said to click on it dont work for me

  5. You’re probably signed in in another location, and it is automatically retweeting stuff.

    Go to https://twitter.com/settings/account, (Top right hand corner of Twitter on the web, between the “DM” and “Compose Tweet” icons.

    At the bottom of the page, click on “deactivate account” in order to sign out of all other locations you’re signed in. You will not lose your data if you reactivate the account in the next 30 days. So just wait a few minutes, say 10 minutes, then log in again, Twitter will direct you to a page with a link to reactivate your ccount. Click on it, and log in.

  6. I wonder if the folks that still have spam being sent out also still have mobile twitter access to their phones? I’m thinking maybe there are apps on their phones that do something to access the mobile twitter app and send spam that way. I’m going to disable the access and actually delete the app off my phone (I never use it anyway), and see if it stops.

  7. I seen people have a lot of different issues to what may seem that a problem is not what everyone likes to hear and it can be kinda crazy at times and it’s not what you can do until anything goes positive to negative.

  8. Thank you for showing me how to get rid of Applications taking over my Twitter account, Geoff Fox!!
    By the way, you’re my weather man in CT. LOL

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