Sunday With The Scott Entourage

One good part of California is people visit. The Matt Scott entourage came this past weekend. Yes, it was a surprise.

Matt, for those just joining us, is a meteorologist at Fox61. We worked together at WTNH. I’ve known him better than fifteen years. Where have I gone wrong?

“Don’t tell Geoff,” Matt told Helaine. Then he changed the permissions on his Facebook page so I’d stop seeing his posts.

All Helaine would say was we were going out to brunch in Huntington Beach. It was all very puzzling.

We headed to Duke’s, just south of the pier on the ocean in Huntington Beach. If you’re going to Surf City you might as well go to a surfer’s restaurant.

Matt came with his girlfriend Shelley and his two children, Cameron and Brendan. They came for the weekend. We were on the itinerary right after a behind-the-scenes tour at The Price Is Right.

Swimmin’ pools. Movie stars.

-PAUSE- Just for a second.

We’re sitting at Duke’s when their strolling ukulele player walked up to our table, pointed and said he recognized Helaine! He then went on to sing her praises as a poker player, saying if she bets he folds.

She’s a very good player. It was quite the testimonial.

OK… back to the blog.

The food at Duke’s was great. It’s a well stocked brunch buffet with an ocean view. Tough to go wrong.

Matt’s children continue to be adorable and very well behaved. They especially enjoyed walking in the sand on the mainly deserted beach.

I know we’re way out on the left coast, but all roads lead to California.

2 thoughts on “Sunday With The Scott Entourage”

  1. I’ve always liked Matt Scott and was delighted when he turned up at Fox61. I like him even more knowing that he planned that surprise for you.

  2. When one lives in Southern Calif. you become the “destination!”. Or, the one to be called or met up with as you await your next flight, at LAX. Enjoy each and every visit.
    I was surprised to see Matt Scott on Fox 6 and wondered if he got the same handshake as you. There are many ‘newbies’ on all of the local channels, these days.
    You are looking Good, Geoff—-keep up the good work–yes, I would think that chemo becomes like another job. I am glad that you and your family are finally enjoying life.

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