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Out And About (photos)

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

It’s been days since our last snow. Based on past history it should have faded by now. It has not! That’s why I packed “Clicky” even though I was just heading to Woodbridge to meet a friend for coffee.

I took the well traveled Wilbur Cross Parkway on my way to Starbucks, but more sparsely traveled roads for my trip back. Specifically I wanted one spot near Lake Watrouss. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures there though normally when the water is blue and the grass green.

The two lane road I picked was more like a 1&#190 lane road. Shoulders? We don’t need no stinkin’ shoulders! I literally stopped the car in the travel lane, put on my flashers and headed out with the camera.

The road is so thinly traveled that a few minutes later a car heading in the opposite direction saw me, slowed down, then stopped. It was the McDonalds who’ve lived near this idyllic spot for 37 years. They just wanted to say hello. I was touched they did. No one was worried that we’d now set up an ad hoc roadblock!

Here’s a look at what I saw while out and about. Click any thumbnail for a larger version.