Out And About (photos)

The two lane road I picked was more like a 1&#190 lane road. Shoulders? We don’t need no stinkin’ shoulders!

It’s been days since our last snow. Based on past history it should have faded by now. It has not! That’s why I packed “Clicky” even though I was just heading to Woodbridge to meet a friend for coffee.

I took the well traveled Wilbur Cross Parkway on my way to Starbucks, but more sparsely traveled roads for my trip back. Specifically I wanted one spot near Lake Watrouss. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures there though normally when the water is blue and the grass green.

The two lane road I picked was more like a 1&#190 lane road. Shoulders? We don’t need no stinkin’ shoulders! I literally stopped the car in the travel lane, put on my flashers and headed out with the camera.

The road is so thinly traveled that a few minutes later a car heading in the opposite direction saw me, slowed down, then stopped. It was the McDonalds who’ve lived near this idyllic spot for 37 years. They just wanted to say hello. I was touched they did. No one was worried that we’d now set up an ad hoc roadblock!

Here’s a look at what I saw while out and about. Click any thumbnail for a larger version.

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  1. Great pics Geoff. Are these pictures on Route 69 in Woodbridge near the reservoirs? Also what kind of lens did you use for the picture of the trees on the right and left with the fence? It almost looks like a fisheye wide angle lens? No matter they are beautiful… but would rather see some palm tree beach pics right about now…sigh.

        1. Once you find a point on Google maps you click on the link tab which provides a permanent path back to where you were.

  2. That spot is one of my favorite places in the area. In better weather, I’ve often taken that route back to Hamden. Lovely shots, Geoff.

  3. Geoff, I honestly cannot pick a favorite…the pictures are all amazing….thank you for sharing “your” view with your camera!!! LOVE THEM!!

  4. I like the picture of the pasture the best and the brook second. Your photos always bring a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Awesome photos, Geoff! You’re an amazing photographer! You bring out the beauty in this “ugly” weather. It makes me look at the snow differently!

  6. You can’t go wrong this time of year. I have a lot of evergreens on my property and they look amazing in winter. My neighborhood streets, like the road depicted in your most recent photos, are not two lanes wide. The town plow guy told me he can’t get it any wider because the snow keeps falling back into the road. The banks are too high.

  7. Great pictures, Geoff! I feel like that Stop sign – up to my chin in snow, and about to be buried with the next one. Enough, already!

  8. Hi Geoff!

    I agree w/DianneZ; during this “oh so stress filled”, seemingly never-ending winter, you saw some beauty and brought it to us.

  9. Love them all, but especially the little “mounds of snow in the brook with the little brown leaves framing it all so nicely”…. But I’m sure there’s a simpler title…LOL… Appreciate your photos all the time but these made me smile. Especially that stop sign…. Maybe mother nature will read it….

  10. Geoff,
    Absoulty love photos! I’m so totaly a winter person. The more snow the better. Oh, yes I’m sore and tired from shoveling but to me it’s worth it. People at my work place (school bus driver) are about ready to(pretend to)shoot me even though I protest that I only love snow I don’t make it snow.
    Also, I must say that my heart is heavy that you are out of a job. I mourn the fact you are no longer forcasting and so involved in reporting the weather happenings on news 8. May you and your family be safe this winter season and keep those of us that care up to date on your next forcasting gig I’ll be here to watch.

  11. Geoff,

    Do something for yourself. I’ll turn 60 this year and I’m going to retire. I recommend that you give yourself a break, officially retire and then you can do whatever you want and have the ready reason that you are retired. For a proper attitude adjustment watch a few episodes of The Red Green Show on PBS.

    I enjoyed watching and learning from you, Best Wishes, Rick

  12. Geoff,

    Just wanted to say I recently moved back to CT and immediately looked for your on WTNH. So happy to see you still on the air and then you disappeared! I thought maybe vacation, but tonight I google and read the news. As a native CT girl, I enjoyed you for years and am SO sad you are no longer my weatherman. Best of luck to you in whatever you choose! Like the guy before me said, retire and do whatever you want. You deserve it. Pam

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