Looking For Work In My Pajamas

Here’s a hint for job seekers. Putting together a resume is easier when there’s only one entry for the last 26 years.

Much of this day has been spent looking for work… while in my pajamas. Every business is different, but in mine letters of application go out with a resume and DVD. It’s all very subjective, but the DVD is obviously the most important piece of the puzzle.

My DVD begins with a menu where you choose one of six video cuts to watch. It is very simple and unadorned. That was my goal.

A few weeks ago I built a website to show off my work. I figured a website would be more convenient to view and easier to distribute than DVDs. It is, but not everyone sees it that way.

You know what? The customer is always right. DVDs and websites can co-exist.

Everyone gets a resume and a brief cover letter. If you’re getting a DVD and resume you can probably guess what’s in the letter. Shorter is better.

Here’s a hint for job seekers. Putting together a resume is easier when one entry covers the last 26 years.

There are a few jobs I know are open, but mostly I’m blindly sending envelopes to stations in places I’d like to live. By the time I’m done I will have sent out dozens. Most of them are going to places which are snow free.

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  1. Geoff, send resumes to Hartford stations. I am sure after the viewer response to your dismissal by WTNH, they’ll consider you in a hurry.

    1. Geoff-

      I can truly understand what you mean about sending out your resume. I got laid off from my job in a local school system in June and to this date still haven’t found anything except a whole bunch of rejection letters. It’s frustrating, but you plug on because that’s what we do! Love your photos, they make me smile. And I love this blog, because even though we can’t watch you anymore, I still feel like I can by following you on here. Thanks!

  2. Geoff, we all have thoughts of moving to a warmer climate during the winter but this is a knee jerk reaction and you should remember our fall and spring are pretty spectacular too. We would all miss you too much and New England is one of the safest and beautiful places to live, not to mention historically rich. So to borrow your own words, don’t go to sleep yet, think on it a little longer.

  3. Love the website and I sincerely wish you luck in your job search. Would love to see you stay in Connecticut, but think big!!! I’m sure all of your supporters here in CT wouldn’t mind it if you were…oh let’s say…found a job with a national network 🙂
    Best of Luck

  4. Wow!!! Sorry I didn’t proof read my comment.(It’s kind of late for me)

    Correction as follows:

    I’m sure all of your supporters here in CT wouldn’t mind if you were to…oh, let’s say…find a job with a national network:)

    Ahh, that’s better

  5. Wow! Thanks for the link to your website. I just got my Geoff Fox fix! Hopefully that won’t be all we’ll have to remember you by.

  6. Geoff, I really hope you can stay in CT. Other places may have the attraction of no snow, but your experience is needed here. The only one who comes anywhre near you is Craig Alan and he’s based in NYC and gives CT very limited attention. Beside all that we will miss seeing your dog and hearing about your wife and daughter. We invited you into our homes via the television screen, and you invited us into your life via your dog and stories about your family. We haven’t met but there is a feeling of knowing you that is special. It is not just the getting the weqther right we’ll miss, it is the feeling of loosing track of friend.

  7. That is a fantastic website, Geoff! I watched the videos and really miss seeing you in my home…..it just hasn’t been the same. There isn’t anyone around with the same sincerity or who invokes the same trust that you do. You are missed by so many. And don’t keep daydreaming about San Diego…………you’d be bored silly!

  8. Best of luck in the job hunt Geoff. Any station will be very lucky (and smart) to have you!! I will always continue to read your blog to see where life is taking you. I miss seeing you on TV your like a good friend (that I never met).

    All my best to you and your family.


    1. Portland and Seattle are both on my list.

      In the past some of you have mentioned The Weather Channel. It’s a very good operation, but I believe they are looking for people with performance skills different than mine.

      I really can’t go into specifics, but I’d certainly be happy staying in Connecticut. In the meantime I am casting a wide net.

  9. Just in case you aren’t already using it, tvjobs.com is a great resource to find job openings in the broadcasting biz. It’s worth the subscription price, as nearly every station in the country uses it. You also post your resume and cover letter for prospective employers to look at. It’s just one more very hot iron to have in the fire!

  10. We are headed to the fifth largest metropolitan area in the country – Phoenix!! Finally free from winters like this (I’ve also done Detroit and western, NY) we would absolutely love to see you tell us how wonderfully warm it going to be 9 months of the year and enjoy your wit describing the miserable summer heat. Please consider us in your search. Not too far from Stefanie either…..

  11. I’m so glad to see you haven’t written CT off just yet! I think you need New England weather because other places are just too predictable. And it’s obvious we need you!

    It’s so true…you’re like a good friend that I’ve never met!

  12. Geoff,

    Guess I am a bit slow, but I just found out that WTNH is not renewing your contract. That is just awful. My husband feels the same way. [He met you once when you were visiting the Yale Math Dept, and was very impressed. I tried to email WTNH to tell them what I think about this, but they seem to have made this hard to do, probably because they are getting so many negative comments. We already miss your weather broadcasts SO much, and I will definitely switch to watching any local news station where you might accept a job. Especially given the weather this winter, I sympathize with your idea of looking for a job in a place with less snow, but we would love to hear that you have simply moved to another local station. Good luck on whatever your decision is. Thanks for being part of our lives for so many years, …Lisa

  13. Now just cut it out with the idea of going someplace “snow free”. First of all, you’d be bored to death. Secondly, is there any place more fun, crazy and difficult to predict than our little micro-climate on the Connecticut shoreline?

  14. Actually…you would never be bored here in Connecticut. When I finally move to a warmer climate, then you can too. 😉

  15. Watched a video. Answered a question I had about this whole mess. Since I saw you all the time, I never paid attention to the caption (or whatever it’s called), which, lo and behold, has the AMS seal. Which makes 8 even dumber. From one of your posts linked in (from years ago), which talked about AMS changing the rules with regard to the MSU program, I jumped to the conclusion that AMS cert had gone by the boards. VERY glad to see that such didn’t happen.

  16. Hi Geoff, should you find yourself in San Diego again, do not miss a trip to the Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Just drive east from San Diego. Astonishing place, especially when the desert is in bloom. Mr. Science would love it.

    The best to you, wherever you land!

  17. Geoff,
    You are not just a talented meteorologist but an outstanding communicator.
    I would think that the 10s of thousands of fans that you have here in CT could be a very useful marketing tool for you to get you into a local station again. Locally some station could pick up a very quick influx of loyal viewers. Not so if you go away and have to reestablish yourself. (Don’t forget the weather in San Diego, although snow free, is BORING at least from a weatherman’s POV.)

    Consider that there is a grand opportunity for you just hidden in disguise someplace in this situation. The work will be finding the opportunity that exists for you and it may be something other than the obvious. Turn your thoughts upside down and inside out and see what opportunities you can find. You are not just limited by being a great meteorologist and communicator you (as we all do) have unlimited talents.

    It has been a pleasure watching your forecasts and it will be a pleasure seeing how you land enthusiastically on your feet.

  18. DEFINITELY submit resumes to local CT stations. I’ve been trying them all since WTNH decided not to let you back on the air last week and no one has the right combination of weather information, warmth and entertainment as you. Heck, if these other guys can’t make record-setting snow storms interesting – what must their forecasts be like the rest of the year? You’re still the best Connecticut has to offer, Geoff!

  19. Oh, no, our Geoff Fox is looking outside of CT and even as far away as Portland and Seattle. My anger at WTNH has just gotten stronger, my TV never stops at that channel anymore. I wish you all the best in your job search but selfishly I hope it’s in the Nutmeg State!

  20. Geoff,
    Why are you even considering moving out of CT? The only ones who will benefit from this are the psychologists because they will have so many new patients who are suffering from depression. Please don’t leave us!

  21. Geoff your talents would be wasted on a place with no snow :)and think how boring it would be. I agree with the other folks, no matter where you go at least we will have this blog!

  22. Geoff,

    I know it’s total coincidence, but here is a time when we would depend on you not just for weather reports, but practical, reassuring suggestions with a little humor thrown in. I know you will now have the opportunity to do something else,which will be your gain and perhaps our loss. I felt better just reading the info about the graph and could just hear you saying it.

    on another note – how about a gardening blog? i loved your tomato growing experiments – even learned a thing or two!

    The suit that they hired to replace you, is such a stiff, just another pretty face in the crowd. All form no substance.

  23. Geoff,

    I still can’t used to the fact that I no longer see your smiling face on WTNH. I just can’t warm up to the new guy. You had so much more personality and humor than he does! All of CT misses you! Best of Luck to you…..the weather forecast just isn’t the same anymore!! 🙂

  24. Thanks for the link to your website showing off your work. Now when I start suffering from Geoff withdrawal I can go there and watch you. I especially enjoyed your explanations of the science behind the weather and other parts of our lives. Perhaps this is an area you could expand into in the future. I never got to ask you why jet trails happen and why I don’t see them as often as I did when I was younger. Maybe I just don’t look up as much? Keep looking up!

  25. Geoff you got me excited to see the Macy’s parade. and I’m not a parade person! now I only have to wait oh 9 months or so…gee, thanks, lol.
    Thanks for sharing and keeping us in the loop and we’re with ya. Fran.

  26. I have first of all been upset because since I moved to Massachusetts I lost my favorite news channel – and I can’t find one here I like nearly as much. Then I found out from my mom today that you were no longer on – and I was just so upset. Keep your head up and hopefully something good will come out of this!

  27. Dear Geoff,

    I MISS YOU!!!! You are one of the only “real” news broadcasters who risked being real – just being yourself. You brought personality to television. I used to look forward to your pleasant and upbeat style coupled with your professionalism. Why did they let you go? I wish you the very best and hope to see you on another station soon. Change is good, and I’m sure good things will come to you.

  28. I don’t know why, but Geoff sitting around in the PJs looking for a job after being the most famous weather guy in Connecticut history (or maybe second to Mark Twain) reminds me a lot of Jim Carrey’s “Fun with Dick and Jane.” Expect to see Geoff at a 7-11 near you–he’ll be the guy in the mask getting a brain freeze from a Slurpy and trying to get the pistol out of his pocket. My advice: run, don’t walk, a DVD down to CNN and the Weather Channel and camp out in the lobby if you have to. They also say Panama is a nice place to live these days. I’m looking for work if you need an assistant to hold the Panama Hat. jw

  29. I hope you stay Geoff in the state but can certainly understand if you can’t. You got to do what you got to do. I do hope and pray hard that we see you on the air again in Connecticut soon but it doesn’t have to be a local news station either. Think big Geoff! Think big. I am praying hard for you to go national like the weather channel would be awesome! I would watch that station more then local news as I know you will now and then say hello to your Connecticut Friends back home. I have to say though like the others I am glad to have found your blog because I feel so lost now without you on at 6 and 11. Steve seems OK but like the others say he sure has BIG shoes to fill and it’s not the same without your personality 🙁

  30. Geoff… LIN sure messed up…. all they have now is Steve, Steve, Sid (2 of 3 NOT really meteorologists), Doc and Syrup. And… why in the world are they letting Kent (the Arrogant) Pierce ( I had the displeasure of meeting him once) riding in the Mobile Weather Lab?? If I can locate Harvey Leonard’s (WCVB, Boston) e-mail, I’m going to give him a tip… he could use a chap who knows his weather… and can educate the viewers as well!

  31. Hi Geoff:

    I’ve tried three times to send you an email telling you how much you are missed. I agree with Lisa about the new guy. Dr. Mel is now doing commercials about how good the new guy is and how well he knows him. He doesn’t have anything to say about how well he knows you. Nothing against the new guy. He would be good on another channel.

    I hope you do stay in Connecticut. I’m surprised one of the Hartford channels hasn’t contacted you yet. Have they?

    I would love to hear your comments on this horrible weather we are having. you explain everything so well, so that we know exactly what is happening. Oh well, I wish you the best, and keep in touch with us on your blog. Sigh!

  32. Hey Geoff – When I heard the unbelievable news I wrote to LIN and got no response. Two weeks later I wrote directly to WTNH and got no response. I told both that you were the prime reason I watched WTNH and if they were determined to let you go I would go with you. Sooo WTNH is off my MacBook and iPhone and the rest of the household has sworn off Chanel 8. I am glad you are not writing off CT. Please let us know where you end up and add your ever widening crew of viewers to your resume. You come with a pre-marketed audience !! Should be worth a bundle. Your the best.
    Mary McCurry

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