I Always Stand When Senators Call

He joked we could start a consulting firm, Lieberman & Fox. Then he asked if there was anything he could do?

I was here at the computer a few minutes ago when the phone rang. I haven’t been up that long. I have an unanswered message. Maybe it was that person calling back?

“This is Kristin calling from Senator Lieberman’s office,” came the voice on the other end. She had an eloquent presence on-the-phone I wish I heard more often. She asked me to wait for the Senator.

I stood and began to pace.

Last Friday a colleague was interviewing the senator. As they chatted off-camera he told Senator Lieberman what had happened to me.

I was thinking about that when Kristen came back on the line. Senator Lieberman had asked her to place the call, but didn’t pick-up when she rang him back. Would it be OK if she called back?

I have known Joe Lieberman for a long time. We don’t always see eye-to-eye politically (I have shifted farther left while he has shifted farther right), but I like him. He’s a very smart man. I value that greatly.

A few years ago I had kidded on-the-air about having “Geoffmentum,” a play on his “Joementum.” I ran into him the next day in New Haven where he smiled and told me he should be collecting royalties from me for using it! I was flattered he even knew.

We had a nice conversation today. He joked we could start a consulting firm, Lieberman & Fox. Then he asked if there was anything he could do?

I suspect he knew this before he picked up the phone, but the mere act of calling was the most important thing he could do. Calls like his and the amazing response from viewers have been my strength. Please keep this in mind when your friends and relatives are in stressful situations–your call and support really are important!

As a politician he’s had his share of rejection. I said I thought he could teach me how to better deal with that, but he said it never gets easier.

He encouraged me to stay in Connecticut. “Grow where you’re planted,” he said, attributing the phrase back to our late Governor Ella Grass.

I’m open to everything, but from a practical standpoint that might not be an option.

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  1. He should give a quick call to WTNH and let them know what he thinks. I’m sure a call from him will not be ignored.

    I hope you stay in CT as well.

  2. >> “Grow where you’re planted,” he said, attributing the phrase back to our late Governor Ella Grass. <<

    Hey Geoff, was this a typo, or a quite witty pun? Grow/Grass-o ??

  3. I am wowed by the call. You should feel very honored and I am sure you are. It’s very clear the powers that be made A HUGE MISTAKE! So, if for some reason they ask you back you should have quite the leverage. Best of luck!

  4. When both Senators of this State call Geoff Fox to state their disappointment, that should send a clear message to the clowns who run WTNH that they need to fix their mistake and NOW!!!

    1. Yes – this has got to be an unusual happening. I mean the ups and downs and ins and outs of local news people aren’t something a senator is likely to concern himself/herself with. Yet they have. I’d say that’s a very, very clear message. However the top guns at WTNH are clearly insane, so it might not faze them.

      One thing I do want to say. I’m no kid and have had my share of jobs, good and bad. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be liked so much. It backfires. It happens…

  5. Geoff
    I totally agree… about your remark about calling people when they are in stressful situations. I do was laid off and it came so unexpectedly. I really appreciated those who called to cheer me on, make me laugh or just to hold my hand. It really meant so much and goes a long way. My days were up and down because of the situation. Sort of a grieving process. You will get thru it and because of all the support.

    1. Thanks Terry. I’d like everyone to come away with that. Not everyone’s a ‘celeb’ who will get calls from Senators Lieberman and Blumenthal, but we all have friends and family who can help greatly in times of stress.

      Don’t be shy about calling your friends!

      1. Geoff, I am sure you must know we ALL feel as though we know you and you are “our” friend. We are reaching out to you and want you to know you are missed on the station. My mother who is 86 calls you “Geoff Baby” and keeps waiting for you to come back. I am going to have to break the news to her that you are not. That is unless somehow Channel 8 execs can come to their senses and realize you and your personality was what attracted many veiwers to the station. I for one will be watching channel 6 or 3 or whatever, but NOT 8! If possible I hope you will get a job on one of the local stations, and not move away. You made weather a little more ‘fun’ than it really is in the North.

  6. Geoff, I haven’t always agreed with Lieberman, but I think you should stay in Connecticut, too. This is your home, and we need you. I was out of work for five weeks between jobs, and my friends and family were my support. If you have that, you can get through it. Please hang in there.

  7. I agree that the people with ‘pull’ who are calling you might also make a call to WTNH. It couldn’t hurt. As a viewer of Channel 8 during all of the time yov’ve been on the air, I too would like to see you stay in Connecticut (selfish on my part, I know). But, if opportunity calls you away from here so be it. It would be nice if it was somewhere warm, and even better if it were in the vicinity of your parents.

  8. Joe Lieberman is a good man. He came to my aid and the aid of 1000’s of other airline pilots several years ago, when he was instrumental in getting the mandatory retirement age for airline pilots changed. He and his staff were always very accessible and with his support, a long overdue change occurred. He believes in doing the right thing.

  9. You wrote “Please keep “his in mind when your friends and relatives are in stressful situations–your call and support really are important!”

    I think you meant “Please keep “this” in mind when your friends and relatives are in stressful situations–your call and support really are important!

    I agree 100%

  10. I don’t know of anyone on the TV media. That has received the kind of support from fans, and to top it off Senators.. not one but 2 of them. You have a hell-of-a-lot in your corner Mr Fox…

  11. I, too, have disagreements with Senator Lieberman, myself being so far left of center that I occasionally fall off the edge! LOL

    But his call to you reminds me of why I liked him way back when he was our Attorney General:

    When the Mianus River Bridge collapsed, all of the numerous insurance companies were jockying for position on whose fault it was. A married couple in the tractor trailer that sailed off the end of the bridge was trying to recover in the hospital, but because they now had no income whatsoever, they were about to lose their home down south. Joe L. stepped forward as the Atty General and said that the State of CT would make the severly injured couple “whole” and then take their place in line with the other insurance carriers and those with an interest in the eventual outcome of the lawsuits. So he cut the couple a check and saved their house! Now THAT was MY Joe Lieberman.

    I am glad he has rediscovered what it means to really care about regular people who have been caught up in a situation they cannot change and need some kindness.

    You of all people deserve that kindness, Geoff.

    When I had something rather interesting happen to my career 20 years ago, it took about 2 years before I could lift my head up. I felt so awful! I had no identity. I had NO MONEY! LOL
    But with a little time and some evolution, I have found a new happier niche with my estate sales and antiques. And I can sleep in when I want, have an extra cup of GOOD coffee when I want, and even write to friends on this-here computer in my pj’s! 🙂

  12. That was really nice of Senator Joe to call you. What a great feeling to know that two esteemed men, chosen by the people of CT to act on their behalf would take that time to call. Geoff, back to my “It’s a Wonderful Life” parallel… You have given so much to so many that thousands of people are standing with you. You will get a wonderful new job since you might have more references than anyone I’ve ever known…Sit back and enjoy this. You have earned it!

  13. Geoff:

    The family is really upset the about whole situation, to quote Star Trek, “Everybody feels bad about the other guy, but when its you, that’s different” – The Ultimate Computer. I was where you are, it sucks, but we all feel for you.

    And in thinking of you and your spectacular weather forecasts, what does Geoff Fox now use for predicting the weather? The window perhaps?

    You are probably the interesting guy, I will probably never meet.

    Missing you already, but glad yo have this site!


  14. Geoff…I am deeply saddened at the way you are being treated…I have.boycotted 8 since I found out what they did to you after you gave them most of your adult life/career/commitment …HUGE mistake …I hope you stay in CT…make some popcorn for the ratings/sweeps…and kick back while they read em and weep!!!!

  15. I love this story, “This is Senator Lieberman’s office holding for Mr. Fox.” This has all the makings of a sit com which I would probably watch, throw in Senator Dodd and this is a show.”
    ~Gracie Allen

  16. “I’m open to everything, but from a practical standpoint that might be an option.”
    Did you mean that might NOT be an option?

    I’ve been thinking…there are so many of us who feel we know you, are fighting for you and may lose you all without ever getting to meet you; so I’m going to suggest we have a party where we all get to greet you and you get to see our ugly mugs in person. What do you think?

  17. So I guess for the last few weeks I just thought you were on vacation. Never even crossed my mind that your contract wasnt renewed. Made several comments to my husband about how I missed you and where were you etc etc….and now…as I was chatting with a friend about the weather he dropped the bomb. I cant even tell you how disappointed I am that you are not part of my daily routine anymore. I can only hope that channel 8 will rethink their decision and renew. Ive been sitting here reading all the blog post and the facebook movement. you are truly missed and we want you back!!!

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