How High Is The Snow?

Get two inches Monday, two on Tuesday and two on Wednesday and I can guarantee you’ll have less than six inches of snow! Snow settles.

Here’s a little secret. Snow is tough to quantify. I’m not just talking about forecasting amounts–a nightmare. This is more about deciding how much is actually on the ground.

Get two inches Monday, two on Tuesday, two on Wednesday and I can guarantee you’ll have less than six inches of snow! Snow settles.

On the other hand plowing the snow will make sure you will surely have piles that are higher. I can attest to that!

On my way home from today’s FedEx run I stopped to gaze and capture a few shots that put the snow into proper perspective.

The black object in the first shot is our mailbox! The snow near Helaine’s SUV is at least midway up the car’s windows.


9 thoughts on “How High Is The Snow?”

  1. I hope you got the snow off the roof of your house too…that adds to the snow fall “amount” and it is well over 5ft now near the house!

  2. Isn’t it crazy? I have to pull out my camera for this as I have snow up above my car now and more then half way up the house. My 3 yr old daughter can actually disappear in our backyard which is kind of scary but funny at the same time. Mean while my 75 lb german shepherd jumps around the yard like a jack rabbit on a white snowy tundra, LOL! I haven’t seen this much snow since we first moved in 15 years ago and this is more than that. It sure makes it tough to pull out of the driveway doesn’t it.

  3. This is fascinating to me… I’m not in CT anymore but my dad is in Ansonia and he was trying to describe it and my first thought was “That’s not even possibly”. Apparently it is. I bet your mailman is HATING this, huh?

  4. You’re lucky that your mail box was still exposed. Mine was buried in 3 1/2-4 feet from the road. Managed to expose it yesterday. Still working on the pile to make room for the mail truck before it comes today! Woke up with aches like I’ve never felt! I went to the post office yesterday to get my mail, no place to park with all the snow. And half the town of Marlborough seemed to be there getting their mail as well. My mail box never even got buried in the winter of 95-96. So although we still need some 44 inches of s now to total that year’s amount, this year’s snow still seems worse.

  5. Our mailman put our mail on a snow pile near the mailbox. Nice of him to do that. My husband went out with the snowblower again and cleaned a closer path to the box. I feel bad for all the mail carriers that have to walk to the boxes. Hard to do when there is so much snow on the sidewalks and driveways.

  6. This is me, CTLady on Twitter, trying to test Geoff’s new settings to see if I am no longer “hiding behind a proxy”, whatever that means!!

    Testing 1-2-3…Over!

  7. Your mailbox looks about right. I made a path the width of a shovel to ours because I am NOT shoveling the 4 x 4 swath the plows left on our street. We got our mail. I did appologize to our mailman though.

  8. Little known fact: fallen snow (in little to no wind) is a *fraction* of the weight of windblown snow. All those arms and legs that make a flake unique get broken off and turn each flake into a teeny ball of ice. They pack up really neatly. One might say, spooned. The last storms have been, essentially, blizzards. The 20″ of each has got to be as heavy as 40″ of regular snow. Pulling it off the roof is aerobic exercise, I’ll tell you.

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