How Do Tall Guys Do It?

Geoff on Southwest

We’re at cruising altitude. Sully has turned off the seat belt sign. I’m on my way to Los Angeles via Denver. The little bar Southwest inserts on every webpage says 3:15 to go.

The airlines don’t like it, but I appreciate this less than full flight. Helaine and I usually occupy the aisle and window seat and try to avoid eye contact, hoping no one will go for the middle seat.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Today it worked!

Once we were flying level I headed to the forward lav. It’s the one you’re not supposed to congregate in front of. It’s adjacent to the upgraded cockpit door.

My head touches the bathroom ceiling on most planes. TV makes me look taller. I’m not quite 5′ 10″.

Exactly how do you tall men do this? No, seriously.

I read one airline (it was either Spirit or Europe’s Ryanair) wants to shrink the bathroom more! How tall is their CEO?