Twenty Three Years Of Love

Twenty three years ago today (I can take off my ring and double check the date if you want) Helaine and I were married, just north of Philadelphia. Twenty three years seems like a long time to do anything, but it has come so easily.

We had a wonderful wedding – a great party. Everyone who was there agreed. The only downside was, Helaine and I spent so little time with each other, as we spent our time schmoozing with the guests.

When the night was over, we hopped in a limo and headed to a hotel at the airport. I still remember walking into the room and seeing the last few minutes of “An Officer and a Gentleman.” A few hours later we were on a plane to Mexico City and then another to Acapulco.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve told Helaine I love her in the 23 years since then. Thousands… maybe tens of thousands of times? Can you really express that emotion in words?

The funny things is, how much could I have known about her, or she about me, when we were married? So much of ‘love’ at that stage must be taken on faith. It’s only with time that real love can be realized.

We spent today quietly, with each other. Football was on the TV. Helaine called the Giants loss, “My Superbowl.” I brought home sandwiches from a local bar.

I can’t begin to tell you how good our day was.