Awards For Porn

Only at the AVN Awards will you hear, “I’d like to thank everyone I had sex with.”

It’s 1:15 AM. Stef has gone to bed. We watched SNL together. Now I’m “grazing” cable going up-and-down the lineup looking for something to watch. And then the unexpected.

2010 AVN Awards Show: Erotic filmmaking awards from Las Vegas; musical guest Baby Bash

Oh Showtime. How do you do it?

The show’s on pause right now. I went to the AVN website looking for see exactly what the letters stand for. Adult Video something for sure, but any reference to that is long gone.

Sasha Gray, who starred in Steven Soderbergh’s “The Girlfriend Experience,” just won an award for a category I won’t mention here. She couldn’t remember the name of her male co-star without whom none of it would have been possible!

Wow–buzz kill for him.

Like the Oscars or Emmys there are little clips illustrating the nominees. That’s how I got to see a clip from “Not Married With Children” featuring Al and Peg Bundy lookalikes… well sort of. The “Al” actor even won an award. There was a “Jon and Kate” parody too.

Only at the AVN Awards will you hear, “I’d like to thank everyone I had sex with.”

What truly makes this over-the-top is how the participants are seriously glad to be here. They are excited to be nominated and thrilled to accept their award. It shows. They are not acting. There are heartfelt thanks just like the more traditional awards shows.

Am I too judgmental? Maybe this is art? Maybe it should be a matter of pride to win an award for a category I’d be scared to spell out in my blog?