Hey From Nasvhille

I’m bushed. Long day. Saw lots. Will talk about it all… just not right now.

First, a little about the trip. No problem at all getting to the airport. I was early.

As I went through the TSA screening, Tom, the screener recognized me. He gave me the line about being wrong as often as me and still getting paid.

He meant it good naturedly… but he’s the TSA screener. If I would have jabbed back he could have sent me to wherever they do full cavity searches. Tom got a pass from me.

In the terminal there is normally wireless Internet access. I couldn’t find it. I’m guessing it’s my computer, but it doesn’t make any difference. I wanted to check my mail.

I am spoiled, aren’t I?

Having gotten my boarding pass the day before got me into “Group A.” On Southwest, this is a good thing. You board first and pick out your seat. I went for 2D, on the aisle.

It was a good news/bad news seat.

I tried to catch a nap as the plane took off (Hartford – Nashville – Phoenix – Burbank) and slept for a little while, but the woman behind me needed to get up and couldn’t because my seat was back. I never got back to sleep.

I did read the Southwest in-flight magazine. Here’s what I learned in an ad from the Las Vegas Hilton. This is a direct quote from their ad.

Barry Manilow is a registered trademark of Hastings, Clayton and Tucker, Inc.

Uh… shouldn’t Bary Manilow be a registered trademark of Bary Manilow?

I could look into this, but I’m nearly convinced not knowing is more fun than knowing!

Kudos to flight attendant “Duane” (his words – “a thorn among roses”), who seeing I was now awake, came back to my seat to offer me a drink even though he had completed the beverage service.

Southwest, Duane is what you’re all about. I hope you read this.

I said earlier my seat was good and bad. Good because it was so close to the front (I was actually first off the plane), bad because it put me near the screaming kid in 1A!

Obviously, the screaming kid knew how to throw his voice, because it seemed neither of his parents could hear him. God bless Steffie. She was always perfectly behaved in public – even as an infant.