A Line In The Sand

Cycling Activity 2.84 mi   RunKeeper

Part of the draw of California was a life lived more outdoors. There are too many Connecticut days too hot or too cold. Here, most are just right.

The problem is I’ve been sedentary the last six months. The effects of that inactivity are noticeable. At some point you just have to draw a line in the sand. That’s what I planned on doing and what I’ve now done.

Stef and I went out a few days ago to get bikes. She got a yellow beach cruiser and I came home with what was labeled a ‘comfort bike.’ That’s the mom jeans of peddling, right? It’s what we used to call a racer, but with wider tires.

Bicycling was my first choice because it’s low impact and something I enjoyed as a kid. It’s also reasonably easy to control the level of exertion while biking.

I went out for ten minutes Saturday and another fifteen minutes today. Not much. It’s a start.

We live in an area of small rolling hills nestled against the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains. There’s little level peddling and lots of gear shifting. I came back sweating and breathing heavy.

As incentive (and because I’m a true technogeek) my rides are being logged with RunKeeper on my phone and Pebble watch. Over time I’d like to see distance and duration get longer and me get stronger.

Stef said this second ride was already one more than she expected to see!