Very Good News

My mom and I are in the 4th floor waiting room at Boca Community Hospital in Boca Raton. My dad is being repositioned in his bed.

Everything went perfectly.

Last night at 11:00 PM I called the hospital to find out when my dad was scheduled for his procedure. 7:00 AM! No wonder I never became a doctor.

By the time my mom and I arrived this morning he was already in surgery. Cardiologists are early risers.

An artery, replaced in his bypass surgery 16 years ago, was no longer vital. No repair there. Another artery, one which carries lots of blood, was heavily blocked. The doctor inserted a stent and, voila, fixed.

We were called in to see my dad a little before 8:00. He was groggy, but otherwise fine. He had no idea what had been done.

Recovery is minimal. The doctor said my father could be driving by this weekend – a good trick since he hasn’t driven in years. We still got the point.

Without a doubt, this is the perfect outcome.