Time To Warm Up

OK – it’s been a mild winter. OK – the bitter cold has only been here a few days. Who cares – we’re going to Florida anyway.

Helaine and I are taking a very quick trip south to spend a few days with my folks. They’re fine, but they’re finer when we see them in person.

Even with the time wasting hassle airline security has become, it’s still amazing to think you can drive to the airport and touch a palm tree a few hours later. Until my parent’s generation this ability was non-existent.

The glamour of flying is certainly gone, but so are the exorbitant prices that made the glamour possible. I remember when people ‘dressed up’ to fly. Fat chance now.

Both Helaine and I are taking laptops. That’s become our 21st Century norm. Heaven help us being somewhere without access to our email via our own machines! What are the odds I check my account while in the Bradley International terminal?

More, including photos of course, from Florida.