No Humans Harmed in the Mailing of this Ad!

Every time I worry that there will be nothing to write about, along comes something so stupid, so insipid, that I’m left with no choice other than to immediately put it in the blog.

Tonight it’s thank you Amazon!

As an Amazon customer, I often get follow up ads. They are the masters of database manipulation. In other words, they look at what I’ve done and try to make inferences to what others have done… and what I might be convinced to do.

Tonight I got an email touting a book. They say I got it because of a memory card I had purchased a few months ago. As is normally the case, they included a review from someone who had purchased the book. The only problem is, he totally panned the book. So, tonight Amazon has sent me an email convincing me not to buy what they’re trying to sell.

A reader, April 18, 2004

Magic Lantern Guide: Canon EOS Digital Rebel

Don’t buy this book. It has absolutely nothing to offer unless you don’t have the manuals that came with the camera. There is nothing interactive and no hands-on lessons to help you to better understand the camera. Stick with what you already have and practice rather than buy this worthless

What’s really strange is they could easily limit the recommendations they send out to those that get a certain number of ‘stars.’ This was 1 of 5!