Justice Has Been Screwed

If there is a worse mother than Casey Anthony I haven’t met her.

“This is her O.J.”

The quote is from Helaine speaking of Stef’s obsession with the Casey Anthony trial. It was said this weekend before a verdict was rendered.

Today Stef’s obsession turned to stunned disbelief! Anthony was judged not guilty on the most serious charges.

In case you’ve been hermetically sealed for the past few years (or are reading this years after it was written and this trial is no longer fresh) Casey Anthony is the pretty but slutty bad girl&#185 accused of killing her two year old daughter. If there is a worse mother than Casey Anthony I haven’t met her.

If all you did was watch cable TV coverage (Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell come to mind) you’d figure the only thing the jury was considering was how to set the voltage in the electric chair! If it was only that simple.

I was not in the jury. I am not held by their decision. In my mind Casey Anthony is guilty. Nothing said today changes that.

From time-to-time I conduct forensic meteorological research to assist attorneys and insurance companies. My work helps nail down weather conditions where the incident in question took place. Nearly all the attorneys tell me they’re going to trial. So far none have.

The problem with going to trial, as the Casey Anthony case illustrates, is juries can’t be predicted. The lawyers who contract for my services understand this. A bird in the hand is always better than two in the bush.

In the United States there is no double jeopardy. Casey Anthony could come out tonight and describe how she murdered her child and there would be no recourse.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. Right now I can’t figure out what it is.

Justice has been screwed. That’s for sure.

&#185 – A blog reader commented “slut” was a pretty harsh characterization of Casey Anthony. I wouldn’t have used it had her own attorney, Jose Baez, not called her a “lying, no-good, slut.”