AMS Seal

I am working on obtaining the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval for Television. It is a hoop jumping affair.

After getting airchecks from three consecutive days and compiling them on a DVD, I’ve written a cover letter to explain what I can and cannot do on-the-air&#185. Actually, those steps were done six times, once for each reviewer and the chairperson of the board.

After the DVDs are received, I will undergo a subjective appraisal by each of the reviewing committee members based on specific criteria. I’ve copied the form that will be used and posted it here.

The process should take about four months! Four months… that’s longer than it takes to get a rebate back in the mail. I have no idea what takes so long.

I am but a mere cog in the machine and will wait. I’ve got no choice.

Meanwhile, I hope they like my work.

&#185 – Without getting into the specifics, every station has a format so the graphics and other parts of the presentation are similar from newscast-to-newscast, person-to-person.