It’s Critical

There are some things the Weather Service does very well. For instance, if they’re going to make changes to computers or systems, they won’t make the change if the weather is overly harsh. You don’t want Hurricane Zeyde steaming toward shore only to discover the new computer warnings aren’t working.

I’ve watched this policy at work for years, successfully. These periods of concern are called Critical Weather Days

NCEP Critical Weather Day Status

Critical Weather Day is in effect.

A Critical Weather Day (CWD) has been declared due to a request from headquarters . This CWD is valid from 06:00 UTC 1/23/07 until 10:00 UTC 1/24/07.

And the emergency is….. drum roll please… The State of the Union Address. No kidding.

Maybe this has happened in the past, but I’ve never heard of something like this making the Critical Weather Day list. I’m not saying it’s wrong – just weird.